Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Opening His Call

After coming home from being out with Jeff and our friends, Dean and Shannon Harmon, on Friday, January 23rd, our house was filled to the brim with family and friends, all orchestrated by Skyler in surprising me with his mission call arriving...

Skyler trying to help his Mom understand that his mission call arrived, Mom in unbelief!

But very happy and excited!

High school friends and cousins on the back left side

Left to Right: Sam, Jeff, Denise and Merry Adams, Allie and Kylee Campbell,
Linda, Brett, and Don Campbell and Ryan Jolley

(Left to Right, back: Gary and Olga Schaap, Josh, Kristen, Tieler and Troy Diederich
Front: Bishop Brent and Nancy Morrill, Corie and Rylee Ollerton, Melanie,
Tanner and Chris Nielson and Rich Christensen

Skyler opening his call!

Skyler and Brayden... Brayden served in the Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission and
Skyler now to be leaving for Argentina, Bahia Blanca

Mom and Skyler's older brother Ryan watching on.

Skyler and his "girl" friends.

Skyler and Senora Swartz (Skyler's high school Spanish teacher)

Skyler with his friend Braeden Harris' parents.

Skyler with Sabrina Reilley

Skyler with friend Bailey Wilson

Skyler with Dad and Mom

Skyler with Alyssa Tycksen

 Skyler and Calyn Barry

Skyler and family


Here are the "guesses" that family and friends gave as they awaited Skyler's mission call opening:

Jeff (Dad): Not there to guess
Teri (Mom): Too surprised to guess!  : )
Ryan (brother): Malaysia
Brayden (brother): Italy
Skyler: Not guessing
Kendyl (sister): Thailand
Andraya (sister): Greenland
Brody (friend): British Columbia
Barb (Teri's mom): Chicago, Illinois
Doug (Teri's dad): Mexico
Don (uncle): Nova Scotia
Linda (aunt): France
Brett (cousin): Germany
Todd (uncle): Russia
Kimber Tyckson (friend): England
Alyssa (friend): Spain
Allie (cousin): Brazil
Ty (cousin): Hawaii
Cherie (aunt): Ivory Coast
Jeff (uncle): Brazil
Tanner (cousin): Chili
Haley (cousin): Mexico
Spencer Adams (friend): Australia
Bishop Brent Morrill (Bishop and friend): Georgia
Jeff Adams (friend): Germany
Denise Adams (friend): Thailand
Calyn Berry(friend): Australia
Kristen Diedrich (friend): Guana
Sabrina Reilley (friend): Zambia
Troy Diederich (friend): Ecuador
Josh Diedrich (friend): Spain
Merry Adams (friend): India
Tieler Diederich (friend): Philippines
Emily Tyckson (friend): Japan
Natisse (friend): New Zealand
Sister Drake (Sunday school teacher): Russia
Brother Drake (Sunday school teacher): Mexico
Sam Adams (friend): Ukraine
Senora Swartz (friend and Spanish teacher): Spain
Maddi Bishoff (friend): Argentina
Bradi (friend): Bolivia
Cori O. (friend): Peru
Haleigh (friend): Venezula
Rylee Ollerton (friend): Nicaragua
Jackson Adams (friend): Honduras
Chad (friend): California
Zach B. (friend): Guatemala

Third Time is a Charm

They say the third time is a charm... well, he is that!

Skyler turned his mission papers in in January.... unbeknownst to his mom! He, Jeff and Bishop Morrill worked together in getting them prepared and off. He arranged for his papers to arrive at our friends, the Adams, home. Here is Skyler with Spencer and Sam Adams when his call arrived on Thursday, January 22nd.

 Sam, Skyler and Spencer