Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Here are the "guesses" that family and friends gave as they awaited Skyler's mission call opening:

Jeff (Dad): Not there to guess
Teri (Mom): Too surprised to guess!  : )
Ryan (brother): Malaysia
Brayden (brother): Italy
Skyler: Not guessing
Kendyl (sister): Thailand
Andraya (sister): Greenland
Brody (friend): British Columbia
Barb (Teri's mom): Chicago, Illinois
Doug (Teri's dad): Mexico
Don (uncle): Nova Scotia
Linda (aunt): France
Brett (cousin): Germany
Todd (uncle): Russia
Kimber Tyckson (friend): England
Alyssa (friend): Spain
Allie (cousin): Brazil
Ty (cousin): Hawaii
Cherie (aunt): Ivory Coast
Jeff (uncle): Brazil
Tanner (cousin): Chili
Haley (cousin): Mexico
Spencer Adams (friend): Australia
Bishop Brent Morrill (Bishop and friend): Georgia
Jeff Adams (friend): Germany
Denise Adams (friend): Thailand
Calyn Berry(friend): Australia
Kristen Diedrich (friend): Guana
Sabrina Reilley (friend): Zambia
Troy Diederich (friend): Ecuador
Josh Diedrich (friend): Spain
Merry Adams (friend): India
Tieler Diederich (friend): Philippines
Emily Tyckson (friend): Japan
Natisse (friend): New Zealand
Sister Drake (Sunday school teacher): Russia
Brother Drake (Sunday school teacher): Mexico
Sam Adams (friend): Ukraine
Senora Swartz (friend and Spanish teacher): Spain
Maddi Bishoff (friend): Argentina
Bradi (friend): Bolivia
Cori O. (friend): Peru
Haleigh (friend): Venezula
Rylee Ollerton (friend): Nicaragua
Jackson Adams (friend): Honduras
Chad (friend): California
Zach B. (friend): Guatemala

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