Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another transfer come and gone. The downside of the hill goes a lot faster than you want it to at times. Said goodbye to Elder Frischknecht today and a few other good friends... that's always a bummer.

It's been SUPER hot and SO humid this last week. Probably the most it has been in my mission. Thick enough to chew. So anyway, this transfer I'm staying with Elder Valle as my companion again (Elder Goeckeritz is heading out to Necochea to start his real training... bye Goeckies).

 Elder Goeck's first alfajor

Elder Goeckritz's first asado with the Tidei family next door.

Carlos got baptized! It was quite the health rollercoaster for the past few weeks, but he was able to hold out well for a few days to make it happen. It was a nice baptism and he was really happy. His wife came as well as one of his daughters (soon to be investigators :) ... his wife already is talking with us). 

Carlos got baptized! Accompanied by his wife Irma (goes by Piru)

Tomorrow after welcoming the new missionaries we are starting up the zone conferences again. I sure hope we can grab some time this week to visit investigators cause we have so many great people right now. We might do an FHE with Lucrecia, the Laspina fam, and some other investigators on Saturday. Super excited.

Love you all! Off to work.

Elder Jolley

I conducted a leadership training meeting a week or two ago and we did the plan of salvation chalk/contacting activity in the plaza that morning before the training. Notice my son on my left is now a zone leader! I might have already mentioned that, but I'm just proud. Great group.
left to righ: (E Rickeberg, E Mardones, E Guerrero, E Farley, E Diaz, E Christensen, Me, E Bennett, Hna Ahlmer, Hna Davidson, Hna Estrada, Hna Navarro, Hna Menacho, Hna Mask).

This was from the last supper of Sister Bevans. Sister Cifuentes was out of town and President had a meeting so he asked me to cook. Got to cook in the nice mission home kitchen by myself (and my comp of course). I will say I enjoyed that. Made fajitas.

Monday, February 20, 2017

So I know I say I have low time a lot, but today I literally have no time.

QUICK update.

- Carlos was off the face of the map in the hospital last week, then from the point of death he got up fine on Sunday and came to CHURCH! Champion. We're working this week to get the interview done so he can get baptized. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming please.

- We keep having random blessing people pop up around here. I think my hijo Elder Goeckeritz is good luck. We had ANOTHER small family show up this Sunday in addition to the surprise couple that came last week (who we were also able to meet with last week. The dude said he didn't have church clothes and felt bad so I gave him like a full church outfit last week and yesterday he showed up in sweats again. Whhaaaat?? haha I laughed and asked him what happened and he said "I don't have nice shoes... that would look tacky.." Haha you can't please them all I guess.

- Elder Goeckritz is doing well. I think I've asked him almost every question possible just to create conversation or make him laugh... it's a challenge, but I'm slowly starting to crack him! Plus, we are going hard on language study and he's come a long way for the little time he's been here. Kid was practically born assistant... he's gonna be up to par in no time.

Love you all. Have a great week!
Elder Jolley

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Charity Day (improved missionary version of Valentine's)

Few highlights:

- Carlos was not baptized last Friday because he had some kind of medical problem relating to an internal blood clot as a result of all the medication they were giving him for his cancer.... nice job doctors (satan doctors). Ha kidding, but anyway after a priesthood blessing, a few warming visits, and prayers, Carlos is now out of the hospital and doing better. Baby steps... but I think this week he will be physically well enough to have the baptismal interview done and we will soon get the baptism performed. He's really excited and was super bummed and apologetic (what a guy) for not being able to last week. We really love him and are excited that he is improving.

- My companion Elder Valle is currently in Mar Del Plata due to some minor complications and will be there until transfers (two weeks). I am currently with my SECOND son Elder Goeckritz! He got here last Tuesday and has been working with us this past week, and since Sunday with just me. He reminds me of my first companion Elder Arnold. Super workable and chill... low maintenance let's say. Kinda quiet, but when he says stuff it's hilarious. It's hard cause I now have to take on assistant and zone leader responsibilities on my own, PLUS train on top of it... so I feel bad cause I can't give him all the attention I would like to... luckily it's only two more weeks then he'll have a trainer that can give 100% to him.... never thought adoption would be an option... but desperate times ;) kidding.

- We have a new Senior Couple in our mission! Not sure if I mentioned that last week, but their names are Elder and Sister Allen. Great people, from Murray Utah I think. I welcomed them at the airport and the first thing they both said is "Hey we read your blog!" haha so there ya go mom... fans! ;) Also Sister Allen is from England so I have a British accent around me quite frequently. I love it, haha, and if I spend a lot of time around her it starts to rub off... "Can you believe such rubbish??" 

This last week after a few opportunities to help other missionaries make some improvements through something we do called "the list", as well as helping investigators to make changes in their lives, I've just had my mind a lot on the subject of repentance. I love repentance and the blessing we have to always apply the atonement in our lives whenever we seek it humbly. I testify of that blessing and opportunity that is always available to us and I know that it works. "Repentance is not the back up plan... it is THE plan."

Elder Jolley

p.s. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Andraya. Love you Draya.

Pics with Elder Christensen (tie exchange at the leadership conference last week + photobomb from Sis Bartholomew). Also, Elder Christensen is going to be a zone leader! Makes me proud. Also, he bought the same backpack that I have cause his dad is a fachero.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello Jolley's (and / or others)

So this week we were going to head to Santa Rosa and Trenque Lauquen, but I few things have come up here in Bahia and President asked my companion and I to stay behind to run the show a bit. One including a new missionary that will be arriving (mid transfer..super weird but oh well) tomorrow. He is the only one coming and his name is Elder Goeckritz (I know I went to school with some Goeckritz... so maybe they'll be connected somehow). Anyway, so nothing is concrete but I THINK my companion and I will be in charge of him for a few weeks before transfers. I'm gonna be a dad again! Ahh. Training is the best.. it'll be a lot different in a trio for sure, but either way I'm excited for him to come.

Speaking of children. Last week we had a leadership meeting and I was able to see Elder Christensen because he became a District Leader this transfer! That's my boy :) I had a few errands to run in the morning before the conference and he tagged along with me. It was super fun to walk around and chat with him for a bit. He continues in Mar Del Plata and is doing really well. Pictures to come..

Remember Carlos our investigator? So he was going to come to the conference with Elder Stevenson, but got sick, then all last week wasn't doing so good so he couldn't come to church yesterday either. Poor guy has cancer and they are doing a lot of chemo therapy on him which just puts him out of play. Anyway, so on the bright side I guess he always talks to Hermano Martinez (his member friend) about wanting to be baptized, he reads the Book of Mormon and shares the story of Joseph Smith and the Restoration to everyone and their dog (guess he doesn't see THAT many people.. but he does what he can). It's been really impressive to work with him, and after chatting with him and our mission leader, we will be holding a baptismal service for him this Friday at 7. We're stoked.

Lucrecia went to the temple for the first time this last weekend and was baptized and did the work for her mom who passed away a few years ago, and for both her grandparents as well. We haven't seen her since cause she attended the baby blessing of her friend in another ward yesterday, but all the members said she loved it and had a great experience. 

I don't think I mentioned this, but I saw Luisa and Ronald and the rest of their family (besides Amalia) last week at the Stake Conference! Luisa and Ronald are officially sealed in the temple like I mentioned, and they also have a baby! His name is Ronald just like his dad and is kind of a tank, but super cute! Such a blessing to see them briefly. Pictures to come..

That's all I can think of for right now. Enjoy the snow! Love you guys

Elder Jolley