Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday to Kendyl tomorrow and a Happy Anniversary to the parents this past Monday and happy one week left to yours truly :) 

This week has been good. Few ups and downs. First off, we finally got our itineraries on Thursday. I will get you more details next week on when I will call and stuff, but it looks like I will be heading out on the 13th. My flight leaves around noon from SLC and then we will have a 3 hr layover in Atlanta. I'm super excited to leave. I absolutely love the MTC, but it will be soo cool to finally be in Argentina. I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinkin about it haha. Man I'm puuuuumped!

The MTC went back to normal this week after the Seminar ended on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately my dream with Elder Bednar didn't come true, and I didn't see any apostles. I wanted to see Elder Holland sooo bad. Especially because I gave my farewell talk off of his April address. Sunday night we had a devotional from Brother Stephen B. Allen. Apparently he gives talks all the time in the MTC. He is a super good speaker, he gave a great talk. Unfortunately we didn't have choir practice on Sunday, and then on Tuesday Brother Eggett was out of town so a Branch President subbed in for him and we sang "Come Ye Children of the Lord." It was a bummer to miss out on some stories from Brother Eggett, but we still did great on the song. There were probably upwards of 800 missionaries in the choir this week so it was super powerful! Wow. Then we heard from Elder Sitati of the Seventy. He's the guy from Kenya that speaks in Conference sometimes with the crazy cool accent. 

I got to host this last Wednesday, finally! It was so cool to see the new missionary experience from the outside perspective. Watching all these new missionaries coming in, with sobbing mothers. Sorta sad... sometimes funny (haha)... but mostly exciting! I probably brought in about 6 or 7 Elders. We started at 11 and went until about 3. I was super busy the whole time and even missed lunch, but it was so worth it. I love serving... especially when its not cleaning nasty MTC toilets.

Hosted the new missionaries this week!

We had a new District join our zone this week. It's super fun to have some new guys in residence with us. They all looked like a bunch of deer in the headlights for the first couple days. They're starting to get some color back in their faces today and we're all having a great time. It's been pretty fun to tease them a bit haha. The first day we convinced them that if they ever left their door open they would get pranked, it was so funny to watch them shut the door almost immediately after opening it every time haha! Don't worry, we told them in the morning we were kidding, but it was funny while it lasted. It's weird being like the "old ones" in the MTC now. I feel like I just barely got here too. It's cool to watch them go through all the new missionary stuff though. Brings back good memories. Also, there's this kid in the new district that looks a ton like Jackson... first time I saw him I had to do a triple take. He's almost exactly the same...just a bit skinnier (no offense to Jack, haha).

Saw Ryan this week and got to spend gym time with him twice. That was cool. This week we taught our last lesson to our TRC investigator, Jamie. It's been awesome to teach her and I've learned a lot through our lessons with her. After TRC on Thursday we got to skype a native which was super cool. He said our Spanish is awesome and he could understand everything we were saying. Woo! Gift of tongues baby.

Picture with our investigator Jamie after our last lesson. She's super funny!

Elder Arnold and I have had a great week and have been really teaching in unison, which is awesome. Our teacher Hermana White pulled us aside after one of our lessons and had some really nice things to say. She said that was one of our best lessons together. It's been great. Elder Arnold cracks us all up. He sings opera all the time and if I talk to a girl for too long I can here him start to count behind me, and if he reaches 20 he starts to hiss or scream or something really unexpected like that. It's teaching me patience and keeping me away from the there ya go :)

Tonight we get to watch the fireworks from Stadium of Fire out in the soccer field. I'm super excited. I love the fourth of July.

 Celebrating while I can

 Happy 4th of July!

Celebrating in residence

Love you all! I'm havin a great time and I can't wait to call you guys from the airport.

Elder Jolley

I worked hard this week and Heavenly Father blessed me with the opportunity to see a black Supercharged, 3.0 liter, Audi A7. I got some pictures with it and then said "Gracias por todas las bendiciones en mi vida!" As I always do when something good happens to me. 

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