Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello Everyone!

It's been another good week in the work :) Still lots of ups and downs.. and I think its safe to say that me and the mission have left our *honeymoon stage.* Don't worry.. I still love her, and divorce is not an option... but she's a piece of work sometimes haha. 

It's been a rough week in some ways, but the rough times are like sand paper for my soul, smoothing out the rough edges of my soul (just barely came up with that analogy...wussup). Nothing crazy hard, but the mission is definitely teaching me to be grateful for things like...

1. English. Spanish isn't a problem, but everybody says things almost the exact same way we would in English, it's just more complicated. The world would be a lot more simple if the Tower of Babel had never happened.
2. The US. Argentina is great and has a lot of character. They´re just a bit... behind, in the world. My mission president (who is from Chile, and hasn't quite built a love for Argentina yet) always says *It'd be nice if someone would invent the wheel around here.* haha! rude... but somewhat true.
3. The fact that I don´t have to spend eternity with a man. Hallelujah. Living with men is not my favorite. I really have to control the ´Teri´ inside of me and be patient when toilets aren't flushed and the kitchen looks disgusting. ya mom.

Last week we had zone conference and got to be with Pres. and Hma. Cifuentes for the second week in a row. yess. I love them. They´re seriously like my mission parents and it helps so much every time I talk with them.

We also got to attend the wedding of our ward mission leader last week. He is a 20 yr old RM named Berni and he proposed rather quickly to a 35 yr old named Andrea. Strange couple, buuut whatever floats your boat I guess! Their wedding was super happy and fun, and kind of made me a bit trunky/bummed that I won't get to see Brayden and Megan's, but it's all good :)

There is another analogy that Elder Kleinman told me this week that I really like:
* The mission is like learning to surf. Your first time, you spend hours in the water with waves passing almost constantly. Then just as your about to give up, you catch a wave and are able to sort of ´boogie board´ to shore. Just that small moment is exciting enough to bring you back the next day. Day by day you return, and eventually you are able to stand up! Each wave brings so much joy, and as you continue to return to the water, you progress more and more until you can catch almost any wave.*

This is a perfect way to describe the mission. It's hard and frustrating and sometimes I feel like giving up, but it's the small moments (or waves) where I can help someone to feel the Spirit, or help push a broken down car, or even carry an old lady's groceries, that bring me back out.

It's a trial and a process, but I love being out here in the water, chasing mavericks all day long :)

Have a great week! Love you all.

Elder Jolley

 Went to the beach for P-Day last week and played some futbol :)

I found Matt Damon! Actually it's my buddy Elder Giliam from Alaska. Great guy!

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