Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey Everyone! 

Another great week here in Mar Del Plata. Not too much to report from last week and I´m a bit short on time today. We got to do exchanges this past week with Elder Arnes and Elder Franco. They are both from Chile. Elder Franco is new and I can tell has so much potential, he´s a great guy. Elder Arnes is in his last transfer, is super funny, and looks somewhat like a shark :) (just an opinion)

Not the best picture... but this is Elder Pilacios and I with Elder Franco (middle right) and Elder Arnes (middle left).

This last week I was really grateful for the power of prayer, and for the fact that God knows us each so individually. It´s so comforting to know that even out here as a missionary, teaching other people, my Heavenly Father still cares about me and my personal needs. In 3 Nephi 17, we see a perfect example of the love of Christ. As the Son of God, I can´t imagine how many things he must have on his lists of things to do, but he saw that the people needed him at that moment and he cared more that they were happy and blessed, over the next thing on his to do list. 

This work is hard, but it´s important and worth it. I´m so grateful for the hard times and trials that I have in my life because they help me to better understand the Atonement of Christ and use it more effectively in my life.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week.

Elder Jolley

I´m on a giant sea lion... live your dreams my friends.

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