Thursday, January 21, 2016

Holy henry it's hot :) (<- that's alliteration.. s/o to high school English)

Another great week, but the air is quite thick and steamy haha. This last Monday we had that leadership conference in Bahìa as well as a broadcasted worldwide mission conference yesterday afternoon. That was super cool to think that I was watching the same message as all my fellow missions and friends all over the world. The messages were pretty basic and fundamental, but it was definitely a good reminder and booster about our main purpose as missionaries.

As far as updates, we will be pretty busy these next couple weeks before we have a follow up leadership conference with President on Feb 2. Basically we are going to be walking through and analyzing every area in our zone to give a report to the President about conditions and any changes that need to be made in our opinions as leaders as we follow the spirit. So a little extra walking for us. yes :) ha It won't be that bad. I'm also going to Bahìa again on Monday to FINALLY get my papers done so I can be here legally. Double yess :)

That's pretty much it for me this week. That appointment with Nadia and Nicolas fell through last week because they left town, but we rescheduled for tonight in about an hour from now. We'll be going with our original plan to study Christ's visit to the Americas and watching The Testaments. Excited for that.

This last week I had a really cool experience. So last Saturday after our appointment fell through we tried to pass by some referrals and contact a bit. We had absolutely no success and quite a few rejections. Which has obviously happened before, but that night it just got to me a bit more. So we got home and I was just kinda done with it. Like I've said before, I would never go home, but mentally I was just complaining and thinking "Am I wasting my time here?" and "I really don't feel like doing this anymore." Just super bummed I guess. Then my comp put on some music like we usually do when we get home, but after the first song a talk came on by Jeffery R. Holland called "Lord, I Believe." It talked about that story about the man with the possessed son that I shared in my email. How he asked Christ "Lord, if though canst do anything, help us." and Christ says "If thou canst believe, everything is possible." and immediately the man says "Lord, I believe. Help me mine unbelief." That hit me like a freight train. He then continued talking about how there would be times where we won't feel like pressing on, or we will have doubts, but that we should always doubt our doubts before our faith, and that what we do know will always outweigh what we don't. I've heard that talk before, but in that moment it was exactly what I needed and it took on a whole new meaning for me. I knew that that talk coming on wasn't coincidence and that the Lord was specifically aware of and there for me in that moment. That helped me to forget about my complaints and humble myself enough to accept the trials I was having and remember that if I just pressed on with faith in my Lord and Savior, then I would come out on top and see the blessings and purpose of what I am doing now some day. I know He lives and that He is truly aware of us and here for us with our best eternal interest in mind. Trust Him.

-Elder Jolley

 Look what I found in Bahìa! My Christmas package FINALLY came! haha. My comp went and got the packages and at first didn`t see it so he told me it didn't come and I was suuuper bummed. Then I went and double checked with Elder Patricio in materials and we found it under a huge stack. Woo! I opened it up on the bus ride home, read the letters, got super giddy cause I saw the football you sent, then I opened one present that ended up being the English hymnal which also made me soooo happy. I just stared at it forever haha, its so beautiful. Even seeing the wrapping paper in the box made me excited. Then I closed up the package cause I didn't want to have wrapping paper all over on the bus. Then at home I have a blanket that is green and has leaves on it so I used it for a super ghetto Christmas tree and put all the presents around it and pretended like it was christmas. I even put on my comfy jogger sweats :) anyway so that was fun. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Best late, Argentine, hot and humid, non-traditional Christmas ever :)

 This last week on Monday we had a Zone Leader Conference in Bahìa at the mission home. We got there Sunday night after a 6 hour bus ride (with fantastic views all the way...our bus schedule to Bahìa makes it so we catch the entire sunset every time as we are driving through beautiful green farms and plains in every direction. ahhh, blessings) we got there and stayed the night with the APs. Then Monday morning we got to the mission home for the conference. It went super well. Conferences are always such a good boost to get me pumped and ready to make changes and improve as a missionary and as a leader. President implemented a few new changes and we pretty much just had a leadership counsel after that of ways to help animate our missionaries. They also fed us breakfast and lunch. Hermana Cifuentes made us lasagna, salad, and garlic bread for lunch. All the Americans were in heaven haha! Soo good.

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