Monday, December 12, 2016

Long time no... email.

Well now that you are all filled in a bit on transfers and all that, I'll dive into a bit more detail on my current companion, area, and investigators.

So my comp right now is named Elder Valle. He's from Chile and he actually goes home at the same time I do, but arrived here a bit earlier just because of the difference in MTC time. He's hard working and has been a Zone Leader in Santa Rosa for the past 11 months (ooo long timmmee). Being with Elder Christensen spoiled me a bit cause I was able to enjoy normal American humor with a kid fresh out of high school, which made it so fun. Elder Valle has a good sense of humor, but is kind of a spaz... which isn't bad... just different. haha. Anyway, great guy, we're gonna get some work done. 

So I'm in the same ward/area as before. It's weird to be back here cause it feels like nothing has changed. It was cool to come back and find that the members recognized me and were excited to see me.. would have been awkward if they didn't haha. As far as investigators, I'm back to working with the Laspina fam! I'm soo pumped about it. They are doing really well and will be getting married on the 27th  and baptized on December 31st. When I left they were planning on getting married and baptized in October, but I guess some things fell through work wise and they had to postpone. I love them a ton and it was a huge blessing to come back and have them here and to be able to be here for their baptism. I called them when I was back here and talked to Danilo (the dad) and he said "Heeeeey Jolley!!" and in the background I heard the kids (Selena and Liam) chanting "Jolley! Jolley!" haha. It was super fun to see them again and play games with the kids. Especially Liam. He's such a little stud.

We also have another investigator named Lucrecia. We actually met her at church haha.. She looks like Zooey Deschanel, which is cool.. and apparently she's been attending for about a month and seems to be doing really well. She participates in class and has attended various church activites. Super ready to be baptized.. but I guess the only thing holding her back is that she wants to finish her sleeve tattoo? hmm... *to be continued.*

Heading off to Santa Rosa today for the first Christmas Conference tomorrow. Then later this week I think we're going to Tres Arroyos or Mar Del Plata. We'll just be driving out with the Cifuentes' and staying the night in a missionary house. I actually have no idea what the plan is for the Chirstmas conference. Probably just some games and stuff, also Hna Cifuentes REALLY wants to watch the Croods for some reason haha.. Merry Christmas? ; ) Elder Valle and I are in charge of cooking the hamburgers. Livin the dream haha. Kidding, it'll be great. I'm just excited to be able to go out and do divisions with missionaries afterwards and pass out a bunch of Christmas cards when Pres. stops for gas. : ) #iluminaelmundo

Until next week. 

Elder Jolley

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