Monday, January 9, 2017

Fam Bam.

I'll start out with a few highlights:

- Over the last 2 weeks I've driven through the entire mission. With a total of about 30 hours in the car. Woof! Definitely not as long as me and Brayden's coast-to-coast road trip a few summers ago, but wow, long time.

- Lucrecia got baptized on Saturday, and the attendance at her baptism was a close second to our normal church attendance! She invited so many of her friends and we had a decent member attendance as well. So great. Her baptism was a special experience for sure (even though I didn't really see it cause the font room was so packed...but I heard the splash :) ).

- Yesterday was one of the best Sundays of my mission for sure. My week had been a little spiritually dry just from all the traveling and I was feeling a bit slumped, but wow what a spiritual feast we had yesterday! We had two random people just show up to church (one of them was brought by a member) who are now investigating, along with a few of Lucrecia's friends. Lucrecia is a powerhouse. She bore her testimony to the new guy who came (named Ariel) in Gospel Principles. I love her desire to share the gospel and share her testimony. It's so raw and super contagious. Then after her confirmation in sacrament meeting she bore her testimony near the end. One of the most beautiful testimonies I've ever heard. Especially as she described the happiness that has entered her life since knowing the gospel. With all the missionary respect in the world, I really love her, she's been a huge blessing.

- I found out recently that my converts (Luisa and Ronald) from Villalonga got sealed in the temple about a month ago! Also my converts here in Bahia (Isidro and Gladys Maneiro) are some of the strongest members here and will be sealed in July!

- Pretty soon (the 28 of January...*eh hem* mom.) we'll be receiving a visit from Elder Gary E. Stevenson! We're working on preparations right now and are excited for what he'll teach us.

Con amor,

Elder Jolley

 Elder Valle, Lucrecia and Moi

Lucrecia in white with Walter... her member friend from another ward.

 Missionaries can take cool pictures too, right? (getting breakfast before a long drive - Puerto, Mar del Plata

Me & the homies. (Elder Precio y Elder Tan-gil)

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