Friday, April 22, 2016

I have bad news, good news, and news.. I will start with the news :)

News is that President cut our internet time in half so in the future it will be even harder for me to respond to individual emails. Please know that every email received is read and appreciated. I will do my best to respond in the short time I have and if I don't get to you I apologize. 
Bad news is we won't be skyping on Mother's Day...#universeshattered. BUT, good news is we will still be skyping! yay! #crisisevaded The reason we can't on Mother's Day is because we have transfers going on that same day. Personally I prefer to not skype that day cause I would be stressing and talking to you guys with a weird twitch in my eye if it was in the middle of transfers haha. Soooo the following week we will chat, laugh, and have a great time with no worries #hakunamatata

My dear family, I just love being a missionary :) I hope you all know that. This past week we have worked hard, worked efficiently, and worked with the spirit and there is nothing that makes me happier than feeling like I've put in 100%. The past little while in my mission I have felt really confused and frustrated with myself for not being at a higher level as far as my progression. I still have a long way to go, but this past week with the visit of Elder Bosco and Elder Dement, as well as a leadership conference in Bahía this last Tuesday, everything has felt really clear. I know what I'm doing, I know what needs to be done, and I feel confident that I can do it with the help of the Lord. As David A. Bednar taught, the light of progression comes gradually, similar to a sunrise, not immediately like flipping a light switch. This past week I had the blessing to see and recognize the progression I have made in the mission, thanks to the Heavenly help and guidance I have received. Time is aflyin', but I'm so grateful I still have a little more than half of my mission to dig in and build upon the progress I've made.

Quick Investigator update:
We have met and taught so many people this past week, but for now I will explain a bit about the 4 solid investigators we have.
Haide and Raul: Remember the old lady I high-fived last week? Well.. we paid a few return visits and now her and her partner (yes... unfortunately not married yet) Raul are investigators! They both came to church this last Sunday. Haide is from the Evangelical church and is very "Evangelica" but has SO much faith in Christ. Gospel Principles on Sunday was filled with loud, passionate commentary from Haide and a whole bucket load of "amens" and "hallelujahs." haha! I'm grateful for the patience of our members. :) The deal we made with her to get her to church was that we would go to her church with her that evening. So as we left our church on Sunday she goes "Alright so we're still going to my church tonight?" and Raul says "No! why would we go there? It's much better here in this church." Raul hardly ever talks so we all just looked around kinda shocked, and after a long pause Haide says "...Bueno." hahaha. Love it. Mostly we just read the BOM with them in our lessons because she loves it and we will work on getting them married. updates to come.
The third is Angelica. She's a cute 63 year old lady that lives in some apartments in the Barrio Fonavi by our house. She was a referral from another contact we made and we have been able to teach her a couple times with the help of members (because she lives alone) AND she came to church on Sunday, which is amazing because the poor thing has cancer and is really weak and can't do much. She has a lot of faith though and receives everything we share so humbly. She has a goal to be baptized April 30th and is really excited, please keep her in your prayers so that she can have the strength to come to church this Sunday and get baptized the next week.
Fourth is Carlos. He is an old guy who lives alone (yes... another old person. I don't know why either haha, I guess we just get along well with the older crowd). I don't know him too well because Elder Jackson and Dement found him and I only met him once so far. He wasn't able to come to church on Sunday, but is really excited to go this next Sunday. He has a goal to get baptized on May 7th. He's a really humble guy and feels kind of alone in his life right now and I can tell the messages he has heard from us make him feel happier. 

There are lots more people to share about, but no time. Thank you so much for your prayers in my behalf. They are felt. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Jolley

 Pic in the mission home with Elder Bosco from Provo (left) and Elder Dement from Texas (middle left), Elder Jackson and me. Great friends and examples.

 "Over the roof" shot with Elder Chronister

Goofin' around in a Taxi through Bahía Blanca with Elder Jackson

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