Monday, August 8, 2016

Hi everyone.

So I know I just barely wrote home, but we're back on normal pday schedule soo, why not :)

Not much has happened over the weekend. We did get a baptismal date set on one of our investigators named Gabriela this last weekend and her husband (yep, married!) wants to start coming to church. woo hoo! 

Last week was a bit hard for me changing companions. I've been with an American for the past long time so being with a latino 24/7 was weird for me. Not a bad thing at all, Elder Ortega is great, but it's just a different vibe and I can't express myself or communicate the same as I would with Paleka and that's been weird. Buuut as I've learned, Heavenly Father likes to throw in a plot twist every now and then when I start to get comfortable, so here we are.

So after having a bit of an adjustment week, it came time to start my fast for Fast Sunday, and I decided to fast that I would be able to have more charity and love for my companion. That Saturday night we had the chance to talk and were able to open up to each other a bit more. We both expressed ourselves humbly about things that are a bit difficult for us and gave each other advice, and he basically bore an informal testimony to me, and in that moment I felt an increased love and compassion for him, and the purpose of my fast popped into my mind. Almost as if Heavenly Father was saying "Hey so...if you didn't already put it together... I just answered your prayer." haha. I was super grateful and touched by that. I'm still going to have to put in the effort this transfer to be able to develop that charity for my companion and others around me, but I was especially grateful for that experience.

I love you guys. I'm very happy to participate in this work, even though many times I realize I know nothing concerning the depth of it's purpose and importance. However, I believe and have faith that I'm doing the right thing and following the footsteps of my Savior.

- Elder Jolley

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