Monday, August 15, 2016


Alright totally walked out of the office after writing and realized "shoot.. didn't even write the fam." ha! Sorry. Anyway so I'm finishing up numbers here in the office so I'm sneaking in a couple lines real fast for the fam. Yes I'm sinning a little, but I'm just sitting here waiting for phone calls from zone leaders... and gangster rap made me do it.... k moving on.

This will be brief, but my week went fantastic. Things were a bit hard with the comp and there were a few minor problems. It was difficult and I must admit I was a bit negative about the situation in my head, just kind of wishing away my problems I guess... but soon realized that as always that doesn't help so I came up with a plan to fix it and a put down a rather eloquent execution of that plan last night in comp inventory, if I do say so myself ;) President always talks to us about trying to positively find ways to make it work with our companions because once we are married, "emergency transfers" will no longer exist, and we won't have a mission president to complain to. Smart guy, he's got a point. So anyway things are better there.

I can't explain how... but blessings and random investigators/referrals are raining like cats and dogs right now. Haha not kidding.. it's almost starting to not surprise me. Person: "Hey Elder we have a referral for you. It's a single woman who has heard the discussions before, wants the missionaries to come by, and has 10 children above the age of 8" Me: "Uhh... ok." One of these days I'm gonna walk into the office and a family is going to show up dressed in white. Like seriously this is weird. Random guy shows up to church and wants to hear more (tomorrow to be specific). Another family (Laspina family... currently attending church and making plans to get married) calls us saying they talked with the missionaries like 6 months ago and asked us to come by. Also our investigators that we already had before are all doing so well! I'm on cloud 9 right now.. my jaw is literally descending from my face as I type this haha.

Tonight I had the BEST lesson of my whole mission, with Vanesa and her boyfriend Maxi. People who I never expected even a mediocre lesson out of. We showed up. Chatted a bit. Laughed. Said nice things. You know, the uge (<---abbreviated form of usual. don't know how to spell that. "yoouge"?... moving on). Then normally at this point we cut the rif raf and say "k we got a message to compartir with ya." but not this time! We didn't have to. We just naturally transitioned into a lesson... I don't know where it came from, but all the sudden Maxi tells us about this dream where he's in front of all these men in suits (but like more like Catholic priest suits I guess... not missionaries) and he was angry with them and saying that God wants "sincere hearts and real intent"... light buuuulb :) So I took that and ran like the olympic dudes on the tv behind me (which a minute later Vanesa asked their friend Juan to turn off... WITHOUT us asking.. P.S. Juan and their other friend Esteban were homeless but live there with them for free because Vanesa and Maxi are saints... just not quite latter day saints hehe... they're both missin a few marbles so we focus mostly on Vanesa and Maxi but every now and then they make random comments). We dove right in to the restoration and Vanesa for the first time was just locked it. She was asking the perfect questions and the answers were just popping right into my brain, and apparently into my comp's brain to cuz he said some pretty good stuff. To make a long, awesome story short we ended with Moroni 10:3-5 OBVIOUSLY, and we read together the part where it said "and if ye ask with a sincere heart and real intent" (but in Spanish). Woof. I wish you could have seen the faces of Maxi and Vanesa when they connected the dots. Oh man the spirit was so strong. We challenged them to pray, promised blessings and bore testimony, then finished with a prayer. Best. :) And get this. As we are heading out Vanesa says "So when are you coming back??" *drop the mic*

Love my family, love my friends. I miss them all, but I love where I am, I love the people I'm with, I love these missionaries that I get to serve, I love President Cifuentes and his example to me, and most of all I love my Savior and stand amazed at the love that He offers me.

Elder Jolley

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