Monday, October 24, 2016

6 weeks of training down, 6 more to go!

Wow, that transfer flew by. It definitely made the favorites list though. Lot's of fun times and hard work that I'll never forget! Both Elder Christensen and I are very excited for the transfer to come and are determined to make it better than the first.

It won't be too hard either, because we'll be starting off week 1 with a baptism! Last week we visited Agustina and Santiago a couple times and almost had a family night with them and the Prieto family, but they bailed. We were also able to make some delicious muffins ("bits o' glass muffin... owww" name that haha) last week for Agustina's birthday and we took some extras around to other investigators. 

We had a super funny experience on Sunday morning before church. So we went to go pick up Agustina to walk with her to church because Santiago works on Sundays (grr..). We showed up at about 9:10 and she says "go ahead without me. I'll be right behind you!" and she wouldn't take no for an answer so we continued to church and waited outside watching for her and our other investigators. Then it was about 9:25 (and her baptism was going to be announced at about 9:35) and she still hadn't showed up. So I go in and look at our ward mission leader Hno Dorado to give him the "let's go get her" signal. He just gave me a nod and said "I'll be in the car" haha! He's such a stud. So we take off down the road in his car and see Agustina walking on the sidewalk about a block away from her house with her twin girls in this massive stroller. So we hop out and say "hi Agustina! go ahead and get in the car, they're about to start at church so let us take the stroller for ya." She goes "oh wow, thanks!" and hops in. So they take off and so do we, but now with this massive baby stroller, and we're a little ways away from the church. So imagine these two missionaries just running down the road in South America with a baby stroller... still smiling and waving to all the public as if there was nothing weird about it. haha! We were laughing so hard. My comp goes "Elder! We can't run with a baby stroller, that looks so bad!" but there was no time to waste... luckily that thing was like all-terrain or something cause we were running over curbs and train tracks and a few small buses. Fun stuff.

In the end we all made it to church right when they announced Agustina's baptism and everything worked out. You can call us the clutch :) Then I just sat there with a giant grin on my face as I partook of the sacrament and reflected on that morning and our last week and noticed how God's hand is involved in all of our efforts and I'm pretty sure He laughed with us as we were running down the street with a baby stroller. 

To make a long week of stories short. We had some killer lessons and ended up getting 6 lessons with members. We would have loved to get more, but that's actually quite a bit for us so we'll take it. I will try to give a better update on the rest of our amazing investigators next week.

I love being a missionary! Read your scriptures!
Elder Jolley

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