Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun facts of the week:

- We now have a fully loaded and running house, besides a washer but, "beggars can't be choosers" as Teri always says.

- Hiked up last pday to see a giant rock called Movediza on top of the mountain only to find that the rock is only a replica of a rock that was there before... how interesting :)
- Just played basketball for the first time in about a year today and had a blast. Maybe living with my 6'5 basketball playing son is having an effect on me.

- We starting eating with members again last week... bye cooking.

- I've lost about 12K (25ish lbs) since last Christmas after blimping up in Pedro Luro. Wowza! Kinda feels more like I hover down the street now.

- It's officially spring here and we don't have to wear suit jackets anymore.

- We just ate cow tongue for lunch today... "Mmm num num num. Delicioso!"

- I've never actually seen someone mix chocolate like Dora's abuela here in South America...

Hope you enjoyed those. It's an adventure here.

This week has been so great! I probably sound like a broken record cause I say that every week, but really I'm having a blast and I love the work right now. We are now completely moved in and are finally able to dedicate our time fully to our daily work and study schedule. This house is such a blessing and we love it, but moving sucks haha.

Lately we have been focusing a lot on teaching the restoration and it's really renewed my testimony concerning that crucial aspect of our message. It's been cool to teach Elder Christensen all the things I have learned throughout my mission and especially after being able to break down the restoration with Elder Paleka last zone conference to the mission. I love our message and I love teaching and sharing it even more!

Say your prayers. Los quiero.

Elder Jolley

Hipster pic over Movediza

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