Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Wow! Can't believe June 3rd has finally arrived and it's Skyler's day to head off... in January it seemed so far out.

Such a beautiful morning. Skyler, Brayden, Jeff and I woke up bright and early to attend a 6:30am temple session at the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Ryan, unfortunately, wasn't able to join because because he had a class to attend.  It was a great way to start  the day!

 Following the temple, we got things gathered together and were on our way.
We stopped for lunch together at Cubby's, as per Skyler's request.

Before the official drop off, we stopped for a few family photos at the Provo Temple.

Well... (sigh). The time had come to take him. As we started our decent into the MTC "drop off" area, we were greeted by many helpers and sisters and elders. There is such a wonderful, happy spirit of welcoming at the MTC. As they kept summoning us forward to drop him off, we realized they lead us through and past the drop off and to the exit! We had to start the decent all over again... It was pretty funny!

Boy, giving our last good-bye is never easy. BUT, it truly helps to know how ready and excited he is to go and serve.

We gave our hugs and love and he was off. God speed my son!

Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.(D&C 4:2)

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