Saturday, June 6, 2015

The First Letter!!

Hellooo Everybody!

MANN. I love it here so much. This is exactly what I need in my life and I couldn't be happier. I have felt the spirit almost constantly here. It's so cool being around other missionaries todos los dias. I'm still getting used to it though haha. Sometimes I'll look down a hallway and see two guys with plaques and for a second I'm like "No way! Missionaries!!" Then I remember I am one :) My district is awesome. Me and my companion are polar opposites, but we get along and I'm doing my best to love him, he tells the FUNNIEST stories though. His name is Elder Arnold and is from Kuna, Idaho. He comes from a family of 10 with 7 older brothers. He's a good guy, and says hi :) Oh my goodness, I have no idea where he gets them, but his sense of humor is so dry and he kind of has a russian accent (not really but a little bit). Also he never laughs which makes his stories even funnier, cause I don't know if I should laugh or not so it just makes me laugh even harder. He had me and Elder Petersen crying at lunch the other day and I don't think he even giggled once. It's hilarious. Elder Petersen is another guy in my district. He's a good guy, and almost like a Skyler 2.0. We're super similar and we have the exact same sense of humor so we've been cracking each other up this whole time. It's a blast.. Everyone else in my district is super cool. I will send pictures when I can. Spanish is coming good. Elder Peterson and I are probably the best speakers in the class. Everyone else is pretty decent too. Our teacher is Hermana White. She's a beautiful daughter of God and I want Ryan to meet her :) if things don't work out with Cydnee, por supuesto ;) I see Sister (Bailey) Wilson a lot, and also Sister Pitts. It's super fun to know other people here. Sister Wilson is loving it here as well.

As far as spiritual experiences, the first day was probably the best day of my life haha. Felt the spirit the whole time. Singing called to serve with all the new missionaries was super cool. The first night we had big group teaching sessions where an investigator would come in and we would talk to them and figure out as a group what they needed and what Heavenly Father wanted for them. On our third investigator, a hispanic woman named Mercedes, she told us that she had a lot of regrets and guilt in her life, so she feels bad about coming to God and doesn't feel like her guilt will ever go away. I was able to bear my testimony to her about how the atonement helps us to change, and takes away the guilt, but doesn't take away our knowledge of that sin so that we can learn from it. That was super cool and I really felt the spirit guiding me as to what I should say to her, and I know Mercedes felt it. It was awesome.

Thursday night we had a meeting with our whole branch and our branch presidency. We all had the opportunity to tell a little bit about ourselves and bear our testimonies. That was amazing and the spirit was so strong.

I haven't heard anything on my Mr Mac shoes, but if you could please send my red vans as well as those pictures as soon as possible that would be fantastic :) Also please talk to Kimber and ask her what the thing is called that Alyssa uses to enter her letters into the computer. You can buy it on amazon for like 20 bucks. If you could order one and send it to me that would help me a lot. Maybe if you could send my orange Nike Frees too? That'd be great. Thanks Maam :) Hope you guys are doing well. I love you all and pray for you guys every night (in spanish...wussup). If you could also send me a list of my friends mission emails from my gmail account? I think I know most of them but a list would be helpful if you can.

This morning we went running out by the soccer fields, then did a pretty good workout in the fitness center after breakfast, and played basketball after that. Every night and morning we all do pullups and pushups. I really don't want to deflate haha...but I know I will. Oh well, at least the church is true haha.

I am trying to be the best missionary I can. Sometimes I catch myself being lazy, but I want to be 100% obedient, and work hard! I really do love this work though, and I know that once I get in the groove a little more I can dig in and work harder. I'm so happy though, I really am. Laying in bed on the first night I just laid there with a huge grin on my face. that makes me sound like a huge idiot, but I was just so happy haha! Not a tear has been shed since my drop off (that was rough...thanks a lot girls and mom...just kidding, love you guys). Saturdays are my P days and we get to go to the temple in a little bit for the 2pm session. I can't wait! I love the temple and I'm so glad we got to go as a family (menos Ryan) on Wednesday morning!

Love you guys. Have a great week!!

- Elder Jolley IV

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