Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey family!

Well.. I basically just barely wrote so there isn´t too much to update and I am low on time so I will give a quick sum up.

This weekend we had interviews with President Cifuentes. We met with him and his wife on Friday morning and had a chat before interviews. Probably the highlight of my week. President Cifuentes is the best and it gives me such a boost every time I see him and his wife. Not sure what I did to deserve such a solid guy for my mission president, but I´m super grateful and I know I will learn so much from him on my mission.

Saturday we had a branch activity at our little chapel/house. We had a pretty good turn out and such a good time! We ate asado, played soccer, celebrated "el dia de la madre," and just had fun. We also had a random Karaoke session and cake .:) It was fun to just hang out and feel somewhat normal for a little bit.

 Cooking Asado with Branch President Flores

 Branch Activity. Huge Asado with all the members (including the family from Villalonga). We played soccer after and celebrated ´Dia de la Madre´ after with cake. Yummm! 

ASADO! Seriously the best. enjoy my remix:
"This is why I´m fat...this is why I´m fat...this is why, this is why, this is why I´m fat." 

After the Asado, Elder Guzman (he and his wife are service missionaries who live in Bahia Blanca and attend/help with the branch here on weekends) randomly went on a Karaoke spree and sang like 7 songs. I admire his courage, but he´s tone deaf and the songs he sang were awful. Everyone just awkwardly sat and listened and clapped between songs. By the third or fourth song I had to walk into another room to laugh. I was so confused haha!

Funny stories: 
1. There is a sister in our ward from Bolivia that takes pictures of me ALL THE TIME. I have no idea why and it's so awkward, but every time I turn my head she has her phone out taking a pic of me. I never know what to do so I usually just walk away...

2. Apparently I am betrothed... at the end of the activity, this 14/15 yr old girl from the Villalonga family comes up to me and puts her arms out to give me a hug. So I quickly just gave her a "strong double high five" and pushed her away to avoid the hug. She just laughed then asked "You're going to come visit us after your mission right?" I said "I don't know, we´ll see!" and she goes "Good! because I want you to be my companion!" or something like that. I wasn't listening all the way and just said "Ya ya sure." So she ran off and about thirty seconds later my brain registered what she said... and then I felt super uncomfortable all weekend haha. Not sure where that came from, but no thanks!

Yesterday was elections in Argentina and the President sent out a message saying no one could leave the house to work after church because of elections. So after church yesterday we sat in our house. That was nice, but also really long haha. I got to catch up on my  journal and do some reading though, which was nice.

That´s it for my weekend! Hope you all have a great week! 

-Elder Jolley

Found a "cool shell" at the beach, then the next day I noticed it was open.. then would close as I walked by. Ha! I was so confused at first... then realized I found a living clam. So we boiled it and I ate it. Didn´t taste as good as clam chowder., but it wasn´t bad!

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  1. Awesome Elder. Our son Elder Paleka is currently serving in Argentina is doing great things like you. Keep up the great work