Monday, November 2, 2015

Another great week in South America!

This will be a short one again, sorry. This week wasn`t crazy exciting, but it was a good one. I ate cow stomach, we had a couple really good lessons, and we had our first solid follow up appointment! Woo! 

Last week we had a super cool experience on Monday after P-day. We were contacting in a park here in an area called General Cerri, and all the sudden a car pulled up next to us on the street. A guy got out and introduced himself as Maxi, an less active member. He said "Elders! What a blessing... my daughter needs a blessing and I just prayed to find someone to help and here you are!" I guess his daughter has been acting weird lately and has been getting scared for no reason and has been having weird panic attacks. She`s about 3 years old. So Maxi asked us to come to his house where his daughter was in about a half hour. When we got there, we chatted with him and gave his cute little girl a blessing. We told Maxi that blessings depend on faith and that he needs to show his faith by reactivating himself in the church so that he and his family can be blessed. He broke down in tears saying he knows he needs to be better and that he wants the gospel back in his life. I was grateful to be able to help him. I have always heard the "the right time, in the right place" stories from people's missions, and I`ve definitely felt that before in my mission in different ways, but that was a cool experience to know I was the answer to someone's prayer as a servant of God.

We had some great lessons this week and our follow up lesson was with Angeles and her sister Romina (the family where the mom argued at everything and we taught them about the restoration the first time). The mom was there for about half the lesson as we went over the restoration again and argued again quite a bit, but it went a lot better than the first time! They accepted a Book of Mormon from us and we have another appointment on Wednesday. They`re hard... but I know that they felt the spirit as we taught and that the daughters are interested at least... as well as the mom... but she won`t admit it or show it right now haha. 

This past week, I had some rough spots as always, but I also had a few times where I just felt SO happy. I find myself smiling as we are walking in the street, or sitting on the bus, and I know that happiness comes from my obedience and work/sacrifices. It`s hard and I still have a lot to improve in so many ways, but I can feel that I am progressing. I just need to motivate myself and be diligent enough to continue in that progression. 

I love you all! Have a great week.

Elder Jolley

P.S. Look up the talk "Living the Abundant Life" by Pres. Monson. It`s a good one :) bye!

P.P.S. no pics this week, sorry.

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