Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Quick email that came in on Monday:
Hey mom. We had a huge leadership activity here in Bahia today that took forever. We don´t have time to write cause we´re gonna take a bus back to Olavarria in a bit. Love you so much and I will be writing in the morning.

Love you guys! Say hi to the fam.
Elder Jolley :)

Buenas tardes!

So.. here I am.. sweating in an internet cafe because it`s blazing hot here and the air is so humid here that I have to repent every night for breaking the "no swimming" rule.

This week has been crazy, busy, FUN, spiritual, strange, and everything in between.. but that`s just like any other week. I will get on with a few highlights because I am running out of time.

So my new comp, Elder Yeates. He`s a great guy and we get along really good. Super nice, funny, and so innocent haha. I would relate him closest to Kronk, from Emperor`s New Groove. haha! Not saying he`s dumb... just.. innocent haha. He seriously acts and talks exactly like Kronk haha. He always says "niiiiiiice" or "riiiiiiiiiight" in his Kronk-like voice and it gives me a real kick.

My new comp Elder Yeates! From Washington. Great guy.
Works hard but knows how to have a good time. Woo

My zone! Wow I love my zone a ton. I sure do miss the Hermanas from my district in Bahia Blanca. No one will ever replace them... but I sure do love the people I`m working with, and it`s only been a week! Don`t have a good picture of everyone yet, but I will get it too you.

This last week we had a zone conference with President and Hermana Cifuentes (including the AP's and... Hermana Chesler! Who basically is working side by side with Hermana Cifuentes until she goes home in 13 days). That was super good as always and really helped us get focused and excited to work harder and improve as it always does.

My new buddy Elder Miller (perfect mixture of Haden Fillmore and Austin Garrett.. for those that know them). Elder Miller and Elder Tannyhill are the first people that can quote funny movies, songs and raps with me. I`ve been laughing a lot this past week.

 Me and Elder Miller doing a Zoolander impression cause we`re "really really good luking" haha

 My buddy Elder Tannyhill from the MTC is in my zone!! He was there at the bus station last week to pick me up. That was a sight for sore eyes. Love this kid.

Not many things to report as far as investigators here... we have one couple who is somewhat solid. Pablo and Tomara. They are going to get married on the 23rd and baptized soon after. That's just the plan though. They are pretty child like and get discouraged really easy. On Sunday they didn`t come and when we called them, Tomara was saying that she wasn`t sure if she wanted to go on with this "religion" thing. That was hard to hear as always... but we are going to visit them this week and work hard to get them to be excited and feel the spirit. We are also trying really hard right now to get members more involved in the work. I have hardly worked with members at all in my mission and I know it would help a lot so cross your fingers for me! And pray too.. that`d be good.

Sorry for the shorty. Sepan que les amo mucho y estoy muy feliz acá, sirviendo mi Salvador. Tengo muchas debilidades pero sè que puedo mejorar por medio de Él y Su expiación. Les testifico que es igual con ustedes. 

Con amor,

Elder Jolley

 Didn`t do much for Thanksgiving besides puttin in some WORK, but some other Elders had a little Thanksgiving dinner so we stopped by that night and celebrated with them for 15-20 minutes.
My zone is awesome.

 Went to Bahia on Monday (another 6 hour bus ride both ways... sweet). Played soccer, football, and basketball with President Cifuentes and all the zone leaders! Super fun. Elder Canez also taught us the "shoe lace game." It`s basically a wrestling game where you try to touch  the other ones shoe lace. Super fun and SO funny. First time I have wrestled in a while and it reminded me a ton of wrestling with Ryan and Brayden. Also I`m proud to say I only lost once (which also reminds me of wrestling with Ryan and Brayden... heh heh (ok maybe just Brayden)). So fun to hang out with President, meet new people, and see a bunch of old friends from my first transfers in the mission. 

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