Monday, December 14, 2015

This last week was a good one, also stressful and kind of a blur so this email might be a struggle...

Tuesday I went to an area calle Bolivar to do divisions with Elder Marin. Bolivar was super pretty and Elder Marin is the goat (greatest of all time) so that was super fun. We laughed a ton, worked hard, and had some good chats so that was a success. Then Wednesday night Elder Da Silva (Marin's comp) came in the evening and we made chocolate chip pancakes that night (unfortunately I forgot my camera). Then that night/morning I took the bus at 1:30 am back to Olavarria.

The next morning we woke up and went to do service for the Mussi family. We basically mowed their yard that looked like a wheat/tall grass field... but since we are in Argentina and they were all taking a nap during the industrial revolution... we cut all the grass with SHOVELS. 3 hours later we finished and I if I hadn`t been so tired from the heat and a bus ride in the middle of the night I probably would have used my shovel to dig myself a grave. Haha, but they were super grateful and fed us lunch after so it was worth it in the end... as long as they`re happy I guess :)

 Had lunch with the Mussi family yesterday. Super nice family and they have 6 boys. Their house is insane but so fun too. We took a couple funny pics right before we ate. Gangsta pic and a crazy pic (my hands in the gangsta pic look like they are growing out of the table its weird).

Friday I did divisions with Elder Tannyhill. That was the best. We are super good buddies now from the MTC together and we have similar personalities/humor so it's a blast. Also I found out his birthday is May 29 so WHATTA YOU KNOW? That was super weird haha. Anyway we had a great work day and a lesson with a contact Elder Yeates and I made a couple weeks ago with a 21 year old girl named Rosio with 2 kids. Her two not-so-virtuous friends were also there (we had the lesson outside, don't worry) so that was super interesting/awkward. Also they offered us soda and I guess forgot to clean/empty the glasses they put it in because there was definitely alcohol in our drinks. Soo ya. That lesson didn`t last too long. It actually went decent in the end though, but we will see if there`s a follow up there or not haha.

This last week we had appointments with Nadia and Nicolas, but each one got canceled. We passed by on Saturday though to remind them about church and they came so that was soo great. We have an appointment with them tonight at 7 too, so I`m excited for that. We will be teaching the Restoration and playing cards with them because.. come on.. everyone likes cards and we don`t want to be boring.
So this happened yesterday.. Nicolas and Nadia came to church!! Not that I have never had an investigator to church before, but this was the first time that one of MY investigators had come to church. At the very beginning of sacrament meeting (first hour) they weren`t there, so I was super bummed but also not surprised because people hardly ever follow up on the church commitment least from my experience. Then before the sacramental hymn I glanced back casually to see them sitting on the back row next to their mom, Hermana Ojeda. I had talked to Hna Ojeda before the meeting asking about them, so when I looked back I made eye contact with her and she just gave me a huge smile and a wink. I was on cloud 9 and had a stupid grin on my face for probably the next 15 mins cause I was so happy to see them there. After sacrament I went back there and sat with them. It was just me and them because Elder Yeates was playing the piano for the primary program. Then after sacrament Nicolas had to leave to work, but Nadia stayed for all three hours.
She said she really enjoyed it. WOO!

Yesterday night we watched the Christmas Devotional in our chapel with a few of the other Elders in our zone. I was blown away at how good it was. Before I had basically come to the conclusion that I would never feel the Christmas Spirit here in Argentina like I always do at home... and in some ways that's true because it's just not the same.. but last night after those amazing talks and listening to the choir sing christmas carols, and especially at the end when we joined in singing to silent night, BOOM. It hit me for a sec and as I listened I closed my eyes and I could feel the warmth of Christmas time. No, I won`t be able to be there at home with the ones I love most, sitting around the Christmas tree and sipping on hot chocolate with a light snowfall outside, and I definitely miss those things... but that doesn`t mean I can`t feel the TRUE joy of Christmas that comes from our precious and holy Savior. I realized that last night and it was a blessing. I am excited for this next week and a half to be able to focus more and come closer to the Savior in a way that I have never done before.

Les amo muchísimo.
Elder Jolley

Had a "noche de hogar" with the Soules family last Monday. We invited Nicolas and Nadia, as well as Pablo and Tomara, but nobody showed up. So we just spent an hour instead with the Soules family and had a great spiritually thought about having "Ears to hear, and Eyes to see" in the gospel. Then after we played a game where you roll dice, and if you get a 6 you put on all these clothes, then when all the clothes are on you you can starting eating this chocolate bar on the plate with a fork and a knife. It was soo funny and everyone was screaming and laughing the whole time.

Also this is the family with the "Argentine Kendyl." You can`t see her in the family pic, but she is the one on the right on the other picture in the white shirt. This week for the FHE she took out a paper and wrote everyones names down and started taking attendance, as well as orders for chocolate milk or juice. Just like Kendyl used to always do for dinners when she was little! It was sooo weird haha.

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