Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy end of transfers everyone!

So the results are in and all the missionaries are finally moved into their places.. mostly. So I will be staying (for the first time) with my companion for another transfer! That's going to be weird haha, but I'm excited. As far as the zone we only had 3 changes. Elder Searcy went home and Elder Tew is training a new Elder from California named Elder Bennet. Elder Marin went to Mar Del Plata and got replaced by Elder Wineager from Idaho, and Hermana Fasanando went to Bahia and was replaced by Hermana Cardinas. We have all of our zone in our area right now because tomorrow we all travel to Mar Del Plata together for a conference, but besides that transfers are done. Yay! Ha I got to catch up on sleep a bit last night, but all the other nights this week have been like 2am trips to the bus station and other crazy stuff haha. It's fun. Poor Elder Tew missed his bus to Bahia on Tuesday evening, then we bought another ticket for 2am the next day. Then after we dropped him off we went home and slept. Then he called us right at 6:30 and said "umm... I'm still in Olavarria." WHAT? Ha the poor guy just sat in that bus for four hours and it didn't move anywhere... and he isn't the most assertive guy so he just sat there patiently and didn't ask what was going on. haha. So apparently the bus was just having problems and they didn't tell anyone or do anything until 7:30 when they just moved everyone to another bus and sent them...*sigh* Argentina.

So as you can see in the pics. Nadia got baptized! Saturday night at 9 it took place and it was such a happy experience. We did it late because Nicolas had to work. She said she felt really good after the baptism and her mother-in-law told me yesterday that this whole week she has just been glowing and can't stop talking about how happy she is. Such a blessing to be able to serve her and her family to help bring that happiness into her life.

Nadia was baptized by her brother-in-law Federico

So that's pretty much it for this week. After a nice spiritual boost tomorrow at the conference I will be able to get things back to normal and really dig into my golden transfer :) This week as far as the work we have been doing a lot of divisions with Elder Numbers, Tew, and Wineager and contacting a TON! It's been really good and we have found a lot of ways to make contacting more interesting. I taught Elder Numbers and Wineager a game called "contactos unicos" where on each contact you have to do some different requirement like stop a car, tell a joke, or sing a hymn. It's super entertaining haha. It's been really fun doing divisions as well. Elder Numbers is probably the most pure person I've ever met. He is truly a man without guile and working with him is so fun. Elder Jackson and I also had a great planning session yesterday again and set some great goals. We're both really pumped up and excited to work hard this transfer. Woo! 

Con amor,

Elder Jolley

 Zone pot luck for the last meeting :)

1. Biscuits and gravy with hash browns (Elder Tew and Searcy)
2. Aji de gallina from Peru with steamed potatoes (Hermana Fasanando)
3. Chicken pot pie (my comp and yours truly)
4. Tacos (Elder Miller and Howlett)
5. Calzones Rotos (Elder Marin and Numbers)
6. Brownies (Hermana Palma)

yep.. lots. yum!

Last zone pic

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