Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm running out of ways to start my emails... hi?

Well, best week in the mission so far :) Normally I would say that every week just to be positive, but I probably would count this past week in one of the top 5. It's been reee piola (Spanish)

So last Monday. We had (yet again) a trip to Bahia for a follow up leadership conference to discuss area changes and play soccer with President in the morning. That was super fun as always and the meeting went well. President is continuing to make a lot of changes, which freaks out a lot of missionaries. I understand that on his end it's still a new thing for him and he is just trying to do what is best for the mission and to fix the problems that existed when he got here. I really trust him, and know that as long as he is following the spirit as to what the Lord desires of us in this mission, "it'll all work out." (name that conference speaker). <-- p.s. no one ever names things when I do this haha... lame!

This week was good as far as the work. I have really been trying to contact more. I know that I have been working this transfer... but at the same time I feel like I barely have. It's a strange feeling. So it was super refreshing to be doing some normal work again this week. Contacting is not my favorite... and we get a lot of referrals here so sometimes I use that as an excuse to not contact... but I know I need to get better on that. I had a few succesful ones this week that ended with scheduled appointments so that was really exciting. It's such a good feeling when you step outside of your comfort zone and receive the promised blessings. I'm stupid for not doing that more often, but I have goals to fix that this next transfer. Also I'm calling this next transfer "the golden transfer" cause I've got big plans for change and improvement. It'll be great :)

Speaking of next transfer. We've got transfers coming this weekend! That's always a chaotic time, especially for a zone leader, but I'm excited. I feel like I will be staying here with Elder Jackson, but we'll see. I really like Elder Jackson. He's such a peacemaker. He doesn't have a lot of time left so sometimes I think he's a bit trunky haha... but everyone's got their thing so it's good. We'll work with it :) The past few weeks we've been a bit silent with each other, but yesterday we had a great weekly planning session and talked a lot about new goals and stuff and that pumped us up pretty good. Funny story: Last night I looked in my Christmas package and saw the "Christmas Crunch" you guys sent (that was a miracle haha... I was so happy to see that) and I took it out and asked Elder Jackson if he wanted a bowl. His eyes LIT UP and he said "um, yes!" ha so I poured some out for us and asked him to say the prayer. Then in his prayer he said "please bless... this Christmas Crunch. and please bless the Jolley family... for sending us these beautiful things" (but in Spanish) and I was this close to busting out laughing. I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father was laughing too so it's cool. 

Alright Imma get right to it. NADIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED! After almost a month of lessons falling through and being somewhat worried as far as things were with her.. we finally had a solid appointment last Friday. I was in divisions with Elder Marin while Elder Jackson was in Bolivar. So we went that night and brought some peaches and dulce de leche for them (that's a popular dessert here). At the beginning we caught up and laughed for a bit. Then as we started the lesson, I was super nervous to bring up baptism cause she usually gets a bit nervous when we talk about it. As I started to talk about it though, she caught me off guard and said "ya so with the baptism thing... I was actually going to tell you guys.. I've been thinking a lot about it and I'm going to do it..." jaw. on. the. floor. haha I just said "oh!....uhh. ok!" ha then we had a great lesson after that reading some scriptures about baptism and talking about how it will all go down. So anyway this Saturday she gets baptized and I'm super excited. Obviously to have a baptism is always exciting, but mostly I'm just so excited for the progress I've seen in her and Nicolas as I've come to know them. She is seriously so prepared and is doing it completely for her and because she feels it's right. Not just a baptism.. a convert :)

Well sorry for the shorty.. and I have no pics. I'm a dummy, but I love you all and I hope you have an hermosa semana!

Elder Jolley

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