Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day this past week... definitely the most romantic one for me so far. ;) An old drunk guy gave me a kiss on the cheek so that was cute. Anywayyss moving on.

Another crazy week in the life of a zone leader. We had a mission conference last week, a zone conference on Tuesday, a leadership conference next Tuesday, and a broadcast from Elder Bednar the day after. It's ok I don't like sleeping anyway ;) Ha kidding... really no complaints here. I love being busy... I just hope we can fit in some time to do some good normal missionary work as well because I really am craving it right now. We have actually contacted a lot more lately and have found a few great people to teach. I will tell more about that later as things progress.

Last week we took a trip to Mar Del Plata to hear from President and Elder Resek of the Seventy. Lots of great messages, and the best part was we drove through Monolito where I was born! That was a trip.. holy moly. Also on the way back I talked the bus driver into stopping at the bakery across the street from my house in Monolito called Rincon Dulce, annnnd we might have bought 3 dozen facturas for the zone and the zone from Tandil who were traveling with us. YUM! 

 Elder Kleinman from my first area! This guy is such a great missionary and helped me so much in my first area. He dies this transfer and it will be sad to not have him around.

 The new Zone.

The homies reunited!

Pictures during lunch on Tuesday's zone conference. The zone leaders are always in charge of arranging everything for the conference.. including lunch. Normally zone leaders just order food or pay a member to make stuff... but I thought "nah...we can do better." So I printed off one of my favorite recipes from Mom, Pineapple Salsa Chicken, and we went all catering on the place! We had to times the recipe by 7 to feed everyone, but with the help some of the missionaries in the zone, we pulled it off! It turned out sooo delicious. Also, you can't find sweet chile sauce here so we made that from scratch as well. I felt like a chef haha. "Tastes just like my momma used to make!"

 Zone Conference lunch

Pineapple Salsa Chicken

Also... Happy Birthday to my sweet little diva sister Andraya! She's turning 21... whoops I mean 12, but she acts like she's 21 so it's really all the same. Ha I love you so much Draya and hope you have a great day! Wish I could be there for your first time in the temple... I hope you have an amazing first experience!

Sorry for the short email... but my time is up and rules are rules. Love you all and hope your week goes fantastic!

Elder Jolley

We have had a ton of cool storms this past week, and we finally figured out a way to get on our roof, so we went up to watch the lightning (I know... intelligent, but we're missionaries so we're safe) and got some cool pictures in the process. We have seriously had some monsoons and lightning storms that look like the Fourth of July. I love it! Two nights ago we got home at the end of the day and it started to pour, so we went outside in the street in shorts and t-shirts to be in the rain. We have a haircutting place right below us and the owner saw us and came outside laughing and took some pictures of us. haha! Then his friends asked us if rain meant something in our religion because " es normal." he said. haha! People don't know how to have fun here ;) 

So we're starting a rap group after the mish and this is our new album cover. All of our names are going to be dessert names... we're still working on the names though so for now we are "Orhinge Jooleu$ & the Cr3w"  droppin our hottest mixtape summer 2016 (it's just EFY remixes cause that's all we have).

Mom: If you wanna be in our rap group, your name can be "Teri-Misu." Genius!! or you could start a restaurant/pastry shop and you can name it that.. we'll even give you the rights to the name for free ;)

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