Thursday, March 24, 2016


Not too much to talk about this week. It's been another one of those weeks of traveling and meetings so not a lot has happened besides that.

We had a leadership meeting in Bahia on Monday with all the zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders. That was cool and I got to see a lot of good friends including Elder Tannyhill, so that was a lot of fun to catch up. Right now President is making a lot of changes and focusing on improving our planning and goal setting as a mission. In his job he worked a lot with numbers and quotas so his methods are really efficient from what I have seen. This past transfer we as zone leaders were asked to build model areas and President called us every week for our numbers and in the conference showed us a few excels and graphs of our progress in making model areas. It was impressive and really nice to see the improvement we were able to make over that time as we worked more efficiently. Right now President is sending two "Traveling Assistants" out to all the model areas to help train them to plan and use their time more efficiently to be able to get more work done. So far they have only done that in 4 out of the 12 model areas, but it was amazing to see the jump in numbers from each of those areas that they visited and trained. They still haven't been to us, but I am excited to implement the new methods and use my time even more effectively. A lot of times I feel like we work good, but that we could be doing a lot better, so I am excited to have that training and model to follow. 

I definitely have improvements to make as always so I'm excited for my upcoming "platinum" transfer. Right now I trying the "purification process" as of Sunday. Elder Tannyhill and I are actually doing it together which is nice. I had shared that talk with him a while back and he loved it. We both struggle with similar things in the mish so he just jumped on board with me. So far I have seen a difference and have had a lot of cool spiritual experiences this week. One of them being an opportunity I had to give a blessing to Hermana Cardenas. I won't give details, but as I gave the blessing I truly felt the spirit guiding me as thoughts were brought to my mind and words to my mouth to help her. That was a cool testimony builder of the priesthood for me. So cool. 

Love you all! Happy Transfers! We find out on Saturday, and I'm super nervous cause President says there will be ton of changes... and I really love Olavarria haha.. but either way I know it will work out for the best :) Wish me luck.

Elder Jolley

Scripture of the week: D&C 31:13

 Zone Pics
(left to right): Hna Cardenas, Hna Palma, Elder Miller, Elder Jolley, Elder Muah, Elder Howlett, Elder Tew, Elder Benett, Elder Jackson, Elder Wineager, Elder Numbers


  1. How do you know how to make donuts? Amazing!

  2. How do you know how to make donuts? Amazing!