Thursday, March 3, 2016

What a week! 

Not too much time so I will get right into it. This last Saturday was probably the best day I have had in my mission (for now :)). We contacted in the morning and got hardly any. Then in the afternoon we passed by Jacob's house to remind him and his mom about church (his mom didn't end up coming, but Jacob and his brother Santiago did.. woo!). 

 This is one of our new investigators :) His name is Jacob and he is 11 years old. His mom is an inactive member that was baptized 11 years ago. We are working on reactivating her, as well as working with Jacob towards his baptism. This last week we taught him the Restoration and played a few games of futbol. He's a super smart and witty kid, keeps us laughing, plays soccer quite well, and looves to go to church. It's almost weird how receptive he is. I love teaching little kids! Sometimes he is a bit crazy.. but when we teach him something he's super good at remembering it. We also teach his 7 year old brother Santiago (with the glasses.. see picture). Cutest kid! He reminds me a ton of Cooper and I love it. Funny story: So I sat by him during sacrament on Sunday and he looked a bit bored during the talk so I pulled out our cell phone and pulled up a little car game we have to keep him occupied and turned to give it to him. When he saw he just shook his head, looked at me and whispered "How am I going to listen if I'm playing a game?" *chick-chick-BANG!* My jaw just dropped and I whispered "Oh... ok sorry." haha! Humbling moment :) 

Then after (this is the good part) we were about to go to a baptism that the Hermanas were having in their area next to us, because we didn't really have anything important to do. So we left Jacob's house and as we were walking I just felt bad about going to the baptism. Not that it was a bad thing.. but as momma always used to say.. "good, better, best!" So I asked Elder Jackson if he wanted to just skip the baptism and contact and try to get to our goal of 20 instead (that morning we had gotten about 3). He said sure and so we turned around and went contacting, and I'm not kidding when I say that RIGHT after making that decision the spirit just took over for the rest of the night. We decided to visit an old referral so we talked to a woman to ask if she knew where the street we were looking for was. We ended up chatting with her and I felt like I should ask about her family. She ended up telling us that her husband had died a year ago and she looked pretty hurt. I then bore my testimony to her that she would see her husband again and that the message we carry could explain how. The spirit was so strong and the woman began to cry. She said we could come back to teach her and we pressed on. Every single contact after that went so well and we found so many great people. At about 8:00 we had 15 contacts and had to start towards home because we were pretty far away, but we were determined to reach our 20 and had faith that it was possible. Just as we finished discussing that, we walked to the next block and passed some kids playing futbol and as we passed they asked us if we wanted to play. We said "Sure!" and went over to talk to them... there were 5 kids. :) Plus another that came later on. Before we left we told them about the church, and mutual, and that we could help them with their English homework.. haha. That got their attention! They all gave us numbers and we will be working with them later on. #goldentransfer

The kids we met and played futbol with at the end of the day on Saturday.

Not everyday is like that, but everyday that I work hard, and every time I make the decision that I know would please my Savior the most, I know that the influence of the Spirit is involved. I feel really insufficient for this work at times and feel like I don't know how to work or teach, but it doesn't matter because all I have to do is try my best and strive to have the spirit and after that I become an instrument and everything runs smoothly. I loove being a missionary!

Before I go, I want wish a happy birthday to one of the best missionaries I know, who turns 20 this next week! Happy Birthday Sister Tycksen. Thank you for your example and friendship to me. I... respect you lots :) #missionarytalk

Elder Jolley

P.S. I heard "Love Bites" by Def Leppard in the store this past week... and you better believe I did a subtle air-guitar solo just for you Pops :)

 Downing some milk after eating that darn chile.. Glad you guys enjoyed my pepper video haha. This past week I had to sleep with sweats on, and eat an onion like an apple, cinnamon challenge, and eat a pepper again. No videos sorry haha.. but I will tell you that eating an onion like an apple is NOT something you want to do.. bleeeh! The contacts goal is hard to meet, but we have reached it a couple times, and it motivates us to contact more. Personally I think it's motivating and fun.. but I don't think Elder Jackson is a huge fan of it so we will see how long we keep up with it.

Las Malvinas...  long story. Ask Brayden.

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