Thursday, March 31, 2016

And so it begins.

Alright so first week down into the new transfer! Going on big number 4 here in Olavarria, and will be staying with Elder Jackson. He dies the transfer after this soo... maybe I will kill him? Guess we'll see!

 Things are finally settling down and we are getting somewhat back to normal as far as being able to actually work. That's one thing I always hate about transfers is that it just takes away from work time... then it's always hard to get back into it. It's kind of like swim team was... if I ever missed even a couple days of practice, the next time I showed up to practice it would feel like I was swimming in jello. I am really learning the importance of diligence and consistency in my mission and in the gospel. By being consistent in the "small and simple things," "great things (blessings)" are brought to pass.

Said goodbye to Elder Miller, Elder Howlett, and Hermana Palma. Sad to see them go, but we are excited to welcome three knew sisters! Hermana Bartholemew (Draper Utah), Hermana Robertson (Syracuse Utah), and our zone baby born this week Hermana Wilkinson (mapleton utah). Yep..that's a zone of 50% Utahns, 100% North Americans, and 10% Latina.. poor Hermana Cardenas haha. Looking forward to a great -platinum- transfer! :)

So as I explained in the pictures, we have some changes in the zone. We replaced the Elders, Miller and Howlett in Azul with Hermanas Robertson and Wilkinson, and Hermana Palma was switched out for Hermana Bartholemew. Fun Fact: I was Hermana Bartholemew's District Leader in Bahia for that one week with Elder Staples before I got emergency transferred here. That was her first transfer in the mission and I never actually met her in person. Just talked to her a couple times on nightly calls, then I disappeared from the area haha. So it's kind of fun to meet her and have her in the zone. The other Hermanas are super cool too. Hermana Robertson kind of reminds me of Natalia, just whiter (very tall, somewhat shy at first, but when she opens up she's pretty funny). Then her daughter in the mission, Hermana Wilkinson, is super nice and already speaks Spanish really well, it's impressive. We love the looks of our new zone, I think it will be great! Lot's of solid missionaries :)

That's all that I have time for today. The internet wouldn't work in the internet cafe and all my time got soaked up.. so it's gonna have to be a short one this week. So excited for Conference... still can't think of a question I want to go in with because I have millions and can't choose haha, but mostly I am just excited to receive advice from my Heavenly Father through his servants on how I can improve as His son and servant at this time in my life. Progress progress progress, that's what it's all about :)

Les amo a todos. Felices Pascuas

Elder Jolley

 left to right: (Hna Cardenas, Hna Bartholemew, Hna Robertson, Hna Wilkinson)

 left to right: (Elder Jackson, me :), Elder Tew, Elder Bennet)

Pizza, playing pass with my Christmas football, and three-legged races in the park today for p-day. Sad to have missed Elder Numbers and Elder Wineager who decided to stay in their area for p-day, but excited to have everyone together tomorrow for the zone meeting!

As a going away gift to the go-ers, and a welcoming gift to the come-ers, Elder Jackson and I made homemade maple donuts. Mmm... first time I've had a maple donut in almost a year. We made like 4 dozen donuts haha. Very worth it though :)

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