Monday, July 18, 2016

Bom dia! (sneak peek: practicing my portuguese for my next comp in a couple weeks! good things to come)

Well it's been years packed into weeks the past little bit. Traveling a lot, and working hard when we're not. We are seeing growth in our area and getting a lot of help from our ward and our new mission leader Facundo Curulif.

The zone conferences are going really well. Traveling around and seeing pretty much the whole mish is really cool and a blessing, but with great blessings come great duties and little sleep :) It's been really rewarding to see and hear about results from the things we are doing and teaching in zone conferences. We've had missionaries share experiences with us where they had applied what we had taught and saw results. That's been really cool.

Things are going great with Elder Paleka and I. We have a great time, work hard, and it's so nice leading with him by my side. There is an awesome feeling of equality between us and we always try to do what's best and follow the spirit as we counsel to make decisions for our area and our missionaries here in this mission. I'm learning a lot from him and President as well.

I'm loving the mission and I am loving the feeling of direction I have right now. I have so much to improve still and I always will, but I feel happy from the hard work I am doing and I know I am pleasing my Savior because of it. I hardly know Him and I hardly know the gravity of His love for me. The closer I come to him the smaller I feel, but the more I depend on Him and work to do my part, the more unstoppable I feel because of His grace and the enabling power of His everlasting atonement.

I love you all and I know He lives.

Elder Jolley

Road Trippin + Ridiculous Argentine road signs

 Super fancy bathroom with eternity mirrors (#mormonobservations) at President's hotel in Mar Del Plata. (No, this isn't exciting for you guys, but it's been a year since I've used a motion-activated sink so it's cool.)

 Pic with Elder Mendez and Elder Espinola in their house where we stayed in Mar Del Plata. They are both crack-ups and VERY Argentine haha. They talked in vos the whole time and every other word they said was "loco." I don't hear that a lot anymore since I'm not in the ghetto so I was loving it.

 Mini Golden-Gate Bridge in Viedma

 The BEST ice cream (strawberry cream and chocolate hazelnut) at a fancy place called Figlio in Tandil. If I ever come back to Argentina it most likely will be to come here again. We may or may not have gone three times while we were in Tandil last week :)

 Did a little sight seeing after dinner in Tandil. SUCH a beautiful city. I wish all of Argentina was like it, oh man. It has a little bit more of a European twist to it and I love it! 

 Taco date in Tandil.

Food court at the mall and fourth of July in the office.

Burger trip in Bahia with Elders Frischknecht, Tannyhill, Miller, Tree, Paleka, Tucker, Ribeiro, and Schauffhauser.

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