Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July!!

It's been an awesome week. LOTS of traveling, but the zone conferences are going great. It feels like it's been a month, but it went by too fast... time in the office is even worse. The Necochea conference went well but had a couple slow parts that I wanted to fix. For the conference in Viedma I created a Powerpoint to help go along with my part and it helped a lot. I love being able to see and associate with all the missionaries. It's cool to feel my love for them grow as we visit each zone. I can feel the spirit with us as we teach them and I hope and pray that they will apply the messages we are trying to send. Our mission is getting better, but it's slow and steady. We just need the missionaries to be more proactive and meet their goals. I love the lessons I am learning and that President and the Lord are trying to teach us. Principles that will help us so much throughout our lives. Planning well, working hard, and reaching goals.

Things are slow in our area with the little time that we have, but we were able to get some contacting done this last week and saw some success. It's a bit of a bummer coming from Olavarría where I had 11 progressing investigators and I knew exactly where I was going with each of them and how to get there, to an area with not too much activity at the moment. I feel like I'm adapting myself well to the ward and we have some great leaders here. We had a really efficient meeting with both our ward mission leader and the bishop yesterday. Very grateful for both of them and their efforts and excited to work with them. 

Heading out to Mar Del Plata today! We also selected the new zone leaders last week for this next transfer and will be giving training to each of them through the next month... adding to the travel plans! Wow.. then this Thursday we have a leadership conference at President's house. Busy busy, but I can't be more happy about it! 

Before I go I wanna wish a Happy Birthday to my sister, pal and partner-in-crime Kendyl! I love you so much and am so proud of the woman you are becoming. I love your drive and vision as to who you want to be and where you want to go. I'll probably end up having to work for you when I get back cause you'll own Utah or something ;) You're the best.

God Bless the USA! ... and my sista :)
Elder Jolley

I think one of the biggest testimonies the mish has given me is that of my country! Elder Paleka and I were shouting the Star Spangled Banner this morning after prayers, annnndd about every 10 minutes since then. Our truck is decked out with an American car tree and a sweet American flag keychain on the keys. Maybe it will get us robbed someday, but at least we're patriotic ;)

Argentine breakfast to start off a good p-day with Elder Paleka. (pretty much just a bunch of dessert)

After our zone conference in Viedma last week we went and stayed in San Antonio with Elder Numbers and Elder Brown, then the next day we had our p-day and went to a beach called "Las Grutas" with Pres. and Sis. Cifuentes. I just walked around with my jaw on the ground the whole time. Pretty impressive for an Argentine beach, right? Wow. "Grutas" are naturally formed caves in the side of ocean cliffs. Also on the upper cliffs all these parrots live in the tiny caves. Pretty amazing! We walked through caves and along the beach and also did some shelling for a while. We then went to lunch at a place on the beach and I ate SEAFOOD! I was convinced I would never eat seafood here because it's all pretty nasty, but this place was nice and seemed trustworthy so I got a plate of shrimp "a la provenzal." Sooo good. Afterwards we went to another beach nearby that had a ton of shells, so we did some more shelling, and the best part was while we were looking at shells we looked out in the ocean and saw WHALES!! God really does love me :) Haha I flipped. Such a chill relaxed day, much needed after all the running around :)

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