Monday, November 14, 2016

Bueeeen Diaaaa (said like an old Argentine lady)

Well, to be completely honest. Divisions are the pits. I love Elder Numbers to death, but those three and a half days without my comp and being in two areas were awful, haha.

On the bright side, we were able to squeeze a few contacts in between both areas, but there was a lot of busy work to do pertaining to district meetings and baptismal interviews, yada yada...I love being a normal missionary :) When Elder Christensen got back we were both hungry for some good ol' hot and sweaty missionary work, so we went to TOWN and back in our area. uphill both ways ;) Haha so like I think I said last week, we had some catching up to do on our contact goal, sooo Saturday we dug in and busted out 21 ("What's 9 plus 10??... 21") leaving us 4 more to make on Sunday to be on point with our goal. So how many do we make on Sunday? that's right.. 5 :) haha

In other news, Patricia came to church on Sunday! We had a few more people that were commited to come but I think their pillows convinced them otherwise. Not Patricia though! That sweet lady calls us during a huge rainstorm at 7:30 am as we're getting ready to make the valient quest to her house in the rain to pick her up to catch the bus and says "Don't come I don't want you guys to get wet!" A little disappointed that we couldn't make the valient quest walking, we called Hermano Dorado our mission leader (aka the clutch) and he came to the rescue to help us pick her up from her house. She was a little shy in church and the poor thing is so humble that she teared up in Gospel Principles when the teacher asked her how she felt about Jesus Christ. As she'd told us before, she said that she felt distanced from Him but that she wants to grow closer. She had to leave after 2nd hour but we have another appointment with her on Wednesday and are hoping to be able to invite her to be baptized this week. Pray for that to go well please :)

There are a thousand contacting, teaching, etc. stories that I would love to share but there's no time. I am doing very well. The downs in the mission still exist, but the ups become so much more powerful as I obey, work hard, and turn my focus outwards towards others as Christ would.


Elder Jolley

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