Monday, November 7, 2016

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Another great week!

This last weekend we had an "open chapel" activity we had in our ward. We spent the majority of the week contacting to both reach our monthly goal (as a mission) of 100 contacts per companionship and to pass out open chapel invitations. My companion and I had started a fast beforehand for the success of this activity and that something good would come of it for our investigators or unknown visitors. Our turn out was less than what I had hoped for, and with 15 minutes left in the activity that night we were a bit bummed, but we reminded ourselves to have faith. Right as the activity was coming to a close, one of our "eternigators" named Hugo who usually has a hard time following through with his commitments walks into the chapel for the first time since we've been in this area! We were so happy and even though our turnout wasn't hundreds of people like we would have hoped for, we were able to see God's hand and the Spirit touch the hearts of a few of His children who did show up.

My companion, Elder Christensen, and Elder Holmes are going to Bahia this week to take care of some documentation stuff, so I will be here kickin it with Elder Numbers for a few days trying to keep contact goals afloat for 2 areas. Bring it on :)

(insert loving farewell)
Elder Jolley

It's been a minute since I've been dressed in white. A very good feeling, especially as it reminds of being in the temple. I might just live in the temple for a bit when I get back cause I miss it so much. #trunkyspirit

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