Monday, March 27, 2017

Buuuuueeeenos Dias.

Well the past month has been a rollercoaster of weather (almost like Utah, except with humidity thrown into the mix). This last week I think the Lord wasn't very happy with Argentina cause it's like the city was cursed with mosquitos for the past 4 days. I've been eatin alive.

Last week we went to Mar Del Plata for zone conferences. Traveled with President, I got to see Elder Tannyhill in Necochea after stopping so President could chat with Elder Goeckritz about getting his patriarchal blessing or something... anyway that was fun. I think one of my favorite parts of being AP is just surprise visiting my buddies all over the mission. Also, now that I've got Elder Price here in Bahia with me living in the same house it's been super awesome.

The conference went well. Afterwards President did interviews, then we met with the Zone Leaders about their monthly goals and plans, then afterward we were scheduled to have a meeting with the Stake President but he canceled on us... and since it was too late to do anything super productive President took us the Nike Factory haha. No complaints. There were these dope retro high tops on sale and I showed them to President and said "whatcha think?" and he goes "ya get 'em... if you wanna look like a gomer pile." haha I laughed pretty hard and told him that to my mother one of my names is gomer pile. Right mom? ;)

This week we are taking off to Tandil, Olavarria, and Trenque Lauquen for zone conferences. Gonna be a long week, but I'm really excited to visit converts in some of my old areas. Also I'm super excited for General Conference as always. Still gotta come up with a good question to keep in my mind.

This last weekend was a little stressful just with a lot of things happening at once. On Saturday I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown haha. Obviously exaggerating a bit, but sometimes I feel spread so thin out here and that in the end things fall through the cracks and it's so hard to please everyone. Sunday, after taking the sacrament and singing one of my favorite hymns "En un lejano cerro fue/There is a Green Hill Far Away" for sacrament, I felt a lot of the weight on my shoulders lifted... Not that things got easier, but I just felt strength and mental clarity. I guess to be able to take on what I have on my plate... that was a huge blessing and really strengthened my testimony of the sacrament and the atonement. 

Also Danilo Laspina (recent convert) was invited to bear his testimony for the Easter program yesterday and bore his testimony for the first time in public. Those moments are so special for a missionary seeing the people you love and work to express the changes in their life and almost show you up in a way like "wow.. that was really... great." Sister Tidei from behind (her and her husband came with us to one of the first lessons with the Laspina family) whispered "wow Elder... que satisfacción, no?" All I could think about was that I really hardly did anything... all that change that Danilo has had has been from his own effort to live the gospel and the covenants he's made and the gift of the spirit working on him. I'm nothing more than an instrument in the process.. but I'm so grateful to play even that role.

I LOVE this work. I LOVE our Savior and I KNOW He lives.

Happy Easter, Happy Conference.

Elder Jolley

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