Monday, March 13, 2017

Well I guess the up side of having a messed up pday schedule is that on the flip side I get to write again really soon. So.. surprise?

This weekend was pretty interesting. After emailing last Friday we went and had a lesson with our investigator Noelia and her mom Paulina (I think I told you guys, but her brother Alejandro is already a member and her step dad Orlando as well.. although he's pretty inactive). We planned to teach the Plan of Salvation and challenge Noelia to be baptized and at least invite her mom to church if not baptism (she's not religious at all so we were thinking baptism might be a long shot). So anyway, long story short, we get there and the whole family was there and Orlando even joined us for the lesson which has never happened. He also offered to say the opening prayer so that was really cool. Then we had just the classic spiritual bomb of a lesson teaching the Plan of Salvation. Everything went so smooth and beforehand Elder Valle and I had a good companionship study and did some practices which helped us a lot to be more united in our teaching. (Many times we kind of clash in our teaching because we both teach a bit differently so that was a blessing). Anyway, so then at the end of the beautifully clear and simple lesson we invited the whole family to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and Noelia and her mom to do so by being baptized. They both said yes and afterward to close the lesson Noelia offered the last prayer and the spirit was super strong. That was a really cool experience and this week we will work on setting a date for both of them. Paulina and Orlando have to get married first so we'll have to see how soon that can happen, but for Noelia we are thinking April 1st. Super excited for that. :)

On Friday night we were then finally able to communicate with Damian and Maira who kinda disappeared off the map a week ago. Apparently they got kicked out of their apartment and were living in Parque de Mayo (a park...) on the rugby field! So we made some calls and turns out Danilo Laspina knows a guy who knew a guy who had a house that he was selling for super cheap and affordable for them. So on Saturday morning we went with Hno Maneiro to hunt them down and take them and all their stuff to their new home. Such a bittersweet experience.. hard to explain.. It killed me seeing their two tiny children sitting there in the car on the way to the house with their big innocent eyes. Then the look of relief on the faces of Damian and Maira when they saw their new house and knowing that it would be a safe and affordable place for their family. Very humble house... but I think for them it was as good as a mansion. Such a humbling experience.

On Sunday we had a great turn out of investigators as well as less actives at church! The Vasquez family (that I used to visit with Paleka all the time) showed up out of the blue. Good to see them and their humble attitude of wanting to bring the gospel back into their lives. As well as the Miranda family. It was a really happy Sunday seeing our investigators progress and familiar faces return. 

Love being a missionary. Talk to you guys next week.

Elder Jolley

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