Monday, March 20, 2017

This weekend President and Sister Cifuentes had to stay in Santa Rosa after the zone conference for a Stake Conference held on Sunday. Sister Cifuentes asked me to watch the house and the dogs for them until they got back. I didn't have to think for too long about the answer haha. I said yes and she also let us take Elder Price and Elder Numbers (who live in our house with us) along. We had a blast running with the dogs (Ruby and McKinley) Saturday night and enjoying a sleepover in the beautiful and clean mission home. Must admit I was quite tempted to swan dive into their pool, but I was able to control myself and just showered in their fancy shower instead. Fun times. 

Going out for a jog in the cheto neighborhood of Palihue with squirt guns to fend off the street dogs.

 Exhausted after basically sprinting all over the neighborhood with the overexcited dogs.

Also, this last weekend our investigator David Palacios got baptized! We're very happy for him and his family as they now start the year countdown to their temple sealing. It was also a blessing to see our convert Danilo Laspina (who was baptized by our other convert Isidro Maneiro) have the opportunity to use his recently conferred priesthood to baptize David. 

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