Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another busy week, and a lot more blessings!

The highlight of this last week was being able to accompany President Cifuentes to Olavarria this past weekend for a few meetings he had. It was just me and him so that was a cool opportunity to chat about both personal and administrative topics. Knowing I won't have opportunities like that here pretty soon is quite the bummer to me... I really treasure my relationship with him and all that he's taught me. 

The second part of mentioned "highlight" is that I was in Olavarria! I took the opportunity to do divisions with the zone leaders (Elder Mardones and Elder Rivadaneira) there who are in the same area I was for the first eternity of my mission, Urquiza! We had a great time and I was able to take some time to discuss and verify their plans in person which is always nicer than a phone call. I was kickin myself for not bringing my camera along, but as John Mayer says "you should have seen it with your own eyes... no more 3x5's" (sorry... got John on the brain... not sure why...*cough* family *cough*). I must have done something right... or there is just an anvil sized humbling trial coming up, cause I keep getting these awesome nostalgic opportunities! I even got to attend sacrament there on Sunday before returning to Bahia! I absolutely loved seeing the old area, friends, and members there. Bishop Medina was really cool during announcements before sacrament to say "we'd like to recognize the presence of Elder Jolley who served here previously, we're very excited that he's come home." haha (half the crowd probably thought "oh shoot... he's back!") ; ) They even played "En un lejano cerro fue" (figure it out) for the sacrament hymn. Wow I love that one! Also, we got to take part in the open chapel of the Independencia ward there on Saturday night. Super fun!

 Zone conference with the Bahía and Villa Mitre zones combined (about 60 missionaries at once.. woof)

 Arriving for the zone conference in Viedma. Love to catch some pretty views along the way.

Random pic w/ Elders: Frampton, Moi, Schiess, Valle, Griffith, Bruton, and Rasmussen (the son of Mrs. Rasmussen from 5th grade)

That's kind of all I can think of. Zone conferences are going well and our investigators are progressing steadily. Not too many updates besides some good lessons (had a great one about the Book of Mormon with Piru.. she was already reading Carlos's BoM before we taught her about it haha.. she's a cutie), so I'll try to give a better report on them next week!

Elder Jolley

Bday party at the Martinez house with our investigator Piru

Bday surprise in the crib with Price and Nummys.

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