Sunday, April 16, 2017

(Note from the editor: sorry for the delayed post. This email came on Tuesday the 11th... Happy Easter Sunday!)

Dear Fam and Frenzz

Sorry again to those who I don't get to write back, I always print off the emails and read them, so know that I love hearing from you guys and I appreciate you taking the time to write me.

This last week was super busy on all sides of the work. We had Leadership training, leadership conference, zone conference in Necochea, a baptism, open chapel, then confirmation and the beginning of transfers on Sunday. Woo! The leadership conferences went smoothly. We're really focusing on trying to help our leaders plan more efficiently so that we can get more out of our efforts.

 New Leader Training Meeting

Leadership Conference with Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders

Traveling to the conference in Necochea this past week we stayed the night in Elder Tannyhill's house before the conference the next day. We got there a bit early and played a game of soccer with him, his investigator, and some members from his branch. We played so hard and it was probably one of the funnest games I've played on the mish. I scored a legit goal too... felt like such a big boy ;) haha. After soccer we turned in for the night. I stayed up chatting with Elder Tannyhill pretty late that night. We had some cool conversations reflecting on the mission and evaluating things about the work and a few of the things from the leadership conferences. It got me thinking a lot over the weekend about and refreshed my desire to work hard and help the zone leaders to work better and reach their goals as well. I'm grateful to have good friends who are great examples to me here in the mish.

Noelia got baptized this last Friday! After we finished up the zone conference in Necochea and a little meeting with the zone leaders afterward (Elder Tannyhill and Elder Rickeberg) we quickly headed out to make the three hour trip in time for the baptism at 7. We got there like 5-10 minutes after 7, but luckily our ward mission leader Facundo Currulef had our backs and had filled up the font and gotten all the preparations done. The cool part was that we had a "Open Chapel" last weekend and there was lots of members there prepping for Saturday and lots of them joined us for the baptism. Noelia is the nicest person and because of moving around a lot and having her baby she doesn't have a lot of friends or much time to find some, so she was really touched at how many people turned up for her baptism. I think that surprised her and she was a bit emotional about it saying she was so grateful for everyone who came. Her Uncle-in-Law and ward member Jorge Martinez (in the photo below with his wife Gabriela) performed the ordinance. It was a really special ceremony. 

This transfer is off to a good start with an additional companion and some good looking horizons for a few investigators. We've been getting more and more referrals and help from members, the wife of our convert Carlos is praying about a baptismal date, and I only have to see the Bahia Blanca airport one more time after today ;) not important though.

Transfers end tomorrow and we take off for our first zone conference in Tandil (gonna try to see Patricia and Belen again) Thursday afternoon.

Pon tu hombro a la lid!
Elder Jolley

 Say hello to the new Assistant trainee, and our third wheel, Elder Eric Farley! He's my first (and last) Argentine companion, and I'm pretty excited to have him. I met him a year ago in a Necochea zone conference when I was being trained as AP with Elder Paleka, and Elder Paleka had a transfer left. Now Farley is in my exact same spot, with a year to go, but he has to kill not just one, but two companions at once. Wow, give him a round of applause folks. Also, he speaks English so that's pretty fun. I'm gonna help him practice and he's gonna make sure I go home speaking full Argentine. Deal.

The nation went on strike for a day last week... not exactly sure why, but this is what the toll stations looked like on the freeway.

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