Sunday, April 23, 2017

Email from Tuesday, April 17th:

Hola amigos,

I sent a bunch of pics today so this is gonna be a short email. Transfers are over and we're back into the normal groove. The conferences started off in Tandil last week. The first one is always the lab rat conference, but it went pretty well so it can only go up from here (shout out to Shania Twain). This transfer, as the assistants, we are teaching about how to help our investigators make and keep commitments. I love this subject and am super excited to teach about it.

We saw Lucrecia for the first time in a few weeks this past week, she has a boyfriend and that's put a few obstacles in her course. She'll be fine, I'm not too worried about her, but keeping her in your prayers would be appreciated. She just needs to feel the desire and the importance of obedience.

Piru (the wife of Carlos) has now been to church twice and is loving it! We're taking it light on the subject of baptism, but she's softened up a lot too it and we're planning on her being baptized in May for sure.

Alan, who came to the open chapel, has now been to church twice and is loving it as well, he's a stud. Because of time complications we haven't met with him too much, but we will get to that more this week.

Have a fantastico week! I for one loved Easter weekend and the spirit that came with it. I know the atonement of Christ is there for us to use it freely, and I love the opportunity to do so.

Elder Jolley

This is definitely the highlight of my week! After zone conference last Friday in Tandil we went over to the open chapel in the 2nd Ward (where I served with Elder Christensen) to help out with things. I saw Sister Ortallado there, who is the visiting teacher of my converts Patricia and Belen. She mentioned to me that Patricia and Belen were super bummed that I showed up while they were gone last time. So she sends a selfie of her and I to Patricia, and after an excited phone call from Patricia, she literally showed up to the chapel in like 15 minutes haha. Man, it was just like seeing good family after a long time, it was so good to see her! We chatted and caught up for a sec, then the ward pulled a smooth move and took her through a church tour. I took the opportunity to walk through with her and that was cool to be with her and hear those messages, I think she really felt the spirit during that. Afterwards Sister Ortallado got her excited about family history and set an appointment for tomorrow (Tuesday) to do family history with her. She also invited her to come to church on Sunday and Patricia said she would love to go. So that was a good experience.

After seeing her I took off to run a couple errands and get things closed up from the zone conference we had while Patricia went home, then I drove by their house on the way back and said hi to their family! Ahh what a cool opportunity. I love that family so much. Belen ran out of the house all teary eyed, and her daughter Mìa gave me a cute little hug when I bent down to give her a high five. We were able to chat and catch up for a few minutes before we had to go. I also called Elder Christensen in Santa Rosa and had Patricia answer the phone. He was like "OHHH! Holaaaa!" Super funny. Patricia is like the older sister I never had haha, telling me stuff like " better study, and i think you should be a doctor, and you have to write, and don't forget..." She was also shared that she had been talking with Sister Ortallado and that she told her about how before this life we knew each other and promised certain people that we would find them and bring the gospel to them. Patricia and Belen told me that they felt that it was like that between me and their family and that they were so grateful I had come. I had always dreamed that as a missionary I would find such people, and what a blessing to hear that I had out of the very mouth of my converts. At the end I bore my testimony to them and we took the opportunity to say a "family prayer" together on our knees in their house, and then I took off.

P-day lunch at Bambu wit da homies (Elders Valle, Farley, Price, and Numbers)

 President Mark and Jenny Cifuentes everybody. (pic setup at the open chapel for the Tandil 2nd Ward where I served)

 Making funny "peanut gallery" comments during Sister Cifuentes' lesson with President.

 Mid-lesson candid pic during zone conference in Tandil. 

Huge fair in Tandil for Easter

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