Monday, November 23, 2015

Don`t get comfy ;)

Felìz dìa de Gracias! :)

Wow... what a week! So many things have happened.. and again I wish I could just put a GoPro on me so you guys could experience all the amazing things that I am experiencing with me, but I will do my best to fill you in.

So last week, we started a new transfer. I love Pedro Luro, I love my district (even though we had Hermana Mercado and Hermana Chesler leave us which was sad), and I was sure that Elder Staples was my witness that "the blessing comes after the trial of your faith." haha! And it`s true. He`s awesome and we had a great week in Pedro Luro in every aspect. We found some great investigators named Olga and Domigo, an older couple who are super cute and so nice! Domingo had a stroke a year ago and is paralyzed on the left side. They are both so humble and listen so well. Olga was a contact from me and Elder Sotelo, and told us she wasn`t interested the first time we came by. Then this week I was going through old contacts and we decided to passed by. When she came out I said "Hi Olga!" She kind of had a surprised look on her face and let us in without argument and we had a great lesson on the restoration. At the end I asked "Olga, why did you let us in this time?" She told me that she was really impressed that I remembered her name. Small and simple things my friends. :)

 On Saturday we went to mow the lawn of Olga and Domingo, but it ended up raining super hard right as we began. So we walked home and enjoyed the rain for a few minutes before changing and going to the temple prep class that night. I love rainstorms! It was so beautiful. Also lightning struck right by our house while I was standing outside and it was SO loud. Highlight of the week ;)

 Temple prep class for the branch. We stopped by at the end of the day to say hi to everyone. Glad I did because it was the last time I saw some of my beloved friends from Villalonga!

Elder Staples LOVES ice cream, so we celebrated a good day last week with an ice cream cone from Grido before heading home for the night. Mm...good stuff ;)

Anyway, long stories made short, I had a great week. I was loving my area... I finally had a good opportunity to reorganize and clean the house, so I was loving the house... my companion was great and we were working good and getting along... I love the branch here and all the members. I was soo... comfortable :) Maybe a little toooo comfortable? As President Kimball said: "Apparently the gospel is to comfort the afflicted... and to afflict the comforted." So yesterday afternoon after we left from lunch after sacrament meeting that morning, we received a phone call from President Cifuentes asking for me. I answered "Hey President! What can I do for you?" He then informed me that he was making an emergency transfer and that I would be leaving today (Monday) to Olavarria to be a zone leader...what?? Last thing I had on my mind haha. I was in shock for the rest of the afternoon haha! So yep! Here I go this afternoon at 6pm for my new area to be a zone leader... and my new companion will be Elder Yeates (American). The Lord is definitely keeping me on my toes out here. ;)

Yesterday afternoon we traveled from Pedro Luro to Bahia Blanca and stayed the night. Then this morning I had an interview/training session with President Cifuentes and the 3 AP´s. My love and respect for President Cifuentes continues to grow so much. He told me that he specifically felt that I needed this and that it was a preparation for things later on. Then he and the AP´s proceeded in giving me some great advice and counsel for my calling. I can feel the weight of this responsibility and can tell it will be hard... but I also know that if the Lord trusts me enough to call me, then He will prepare me and help me in the process as well. I´m excited!

Not too much else besides that. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving. I wish I could write all of my family and friends personally to tell them how much I love them and am grateful for them, but just know that if I had time I would! I really am so grateful for all the examples, love and support I have in my life. It´s huge to me and I thank you all for that, sincerely.

Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving! Wish me luck :)
Elder Jolley

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