Monday, November 9, 2015

Hola mis queridos. Last week of the transfer!

Well, seasons are officially changing here in South America and it is HOT! Apparently the worst hasn`t even come from what I have heard so I will be looking forward to some hot/humid months to come. Luckily we will be able to walk around without jackets here in the next week or two. Also there are mosquitos all over that eat me at night, as well as tiny little may flies everywhere that for some reason like to fly up my nose/ears/mouth while I`m talking to people in the street, making me look even more special than I already do. ;)

Not a lot of time today (story of p-day, sorry), but a few updates:

- We have a baptism! Luisa from the Villalonga family is finally getting married this week which means she can be baptized (shout out to the law of chastity). This Saturday we have whats called a "Tarde Blanca" (white afternoon) where our whole zone will baptize their investigators at the same time. Luisa and her husband will be baptized on Saturday after their wedding on Thursday and I`m super excited! Not really an investigator-investigator for us, but we have still taught her a bit and it`s equally exciting.

- No updates with Angeles and Romina. Hard to find them home.

- I made my first "bus contact" last week! On the two hour bus ride from Bahia to Pedro Luro, I talked with a kid named Anzel that sat next to me for the whole ride! I was nervous at first.. because if it doesn`t go well then I have to awkwardly sit next to them for the rest of the ride, but I decided to sacrifice my comfort and go for it! It went well and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. He was a friendly guy and I know he felt the spirit, I was praying so hard for him to accept the Book of Mormon, but unfortunately in the end he said "I`m just going to stick to the bible.. that's all I need." NOOOO!! Too bad... but it was good practice, and hopefully one day that conversation will help him to come into the gospel.

- Things are going SUPER well with Elder Sotelo. I have been praying a lot lately for the Lord to soften his heart and to help us get along, and to give me patience. The beginning of the week last week he was being even more stubborn than he usually is... annnd I cracked. ha! I came down on him a bit for like 15-20 mins. straight about how we need to get along so we can have the spirit, and how we need to be better in general, and how I just want us to have a good time and enjoy our companionship as we are obedient and as we work hard. In the end I expected him to fight back... but the only thing he said was "ok... I`m sorry. I will try harder to get along and be friendly." My jaw about fell off. Ha! I just said "...thanks." and ever since we have been getting along! WOO! That was such a cool answer to my prayers and a huge blessing that I was so grateful for. 

I love you all so much. Remember always that no matter how many times we fall, the Savior is always there to lift us back up. We just have to take His hand.

Elder Jolley 

 Last week for P day we went with a couple sisters to play (basically) pickel ball at an indoor court in General Cerri. That was super fun, and nice to take a little break from soccer as well.

 Made no-bake cookies! I finally found peanut butter last week, and decided to make a batch for our zone last Tuesday. I hate to brag... but they were de-rishish. ;)

 Today we went to a buffet called Bamboo for lunch as a zone to celebrate the last week and the departure of a few missionaries (including Hermana Mercado from my district). Super fun and the food wasn´t too bad!

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