Monday, May 16, 2016

Alright I have no time to write cause we have to catch a bus to Bahia in a sec.

Skype yesterday was so great. Ha on the way there it was so weird to think that a continent away I was going to be able to see you guys and talk to you. It's a really strange feeling for me to be all the way over here, but for just that little time have my "real" life open up to me on a computer screen. It's like being in a dream, but realizing you're not dreaming... not sure if that makes sense but it's just weird. I really enjoyed it as well though. This time was so much better than the first I think. It was just really chill and natural, and I loved that, being able to just chat with everyone and be "together." Really cool.

Heading out right now for a leadership conference in Bahia. Excited to learn and improve.

For those of you who weren't in the skype call... Karen is going to be baptized! June 12 is the date we set. She still has a little ways to go but she's excited and willing to change and follow the Savior. The gospel is changing her so much and you can see it so clearly. I love it. (see the April 28th post for Karen's back story)

Yesterday Karen joined us for Stake Conference. woo hoo! She loved it although there was a ton of people and I think it made her a bit nervous. Plus she is super short so when we walked through the crowd she kept holding onto my suit coat so she wouldn't get lost haha. She said after the meeting that the testimony of Hermana Cifuentes (her and President talked) really touched her. 

Love you guys! So fun to see you guys yesterday, I love my people : ) Have a great week.

Elder Jolley

 Last p-day for lunch I made broccoli cheese soup for everyone and Cristian made BREAD BOWLS in his bakery. They don't exist here so Cristian and his Wife were fascinated when we put the soup inside haha. Soo good.

We Bought a ZOO!! (what a great movie)

Actually we didn't buy it, but we visited the zoo here in Olavarria last week for a zone p-day (minus Bolivar who had an appointment, they had to stay for the meeting on Tuesday). It was soo fun and FREE. I liked that. haha

We enjoyed seeing a wide variety of animals such as:


 Flamingos (so weird)

 Monkeys (sooo funny)

Annnd a group of wild yankees (what the Argentines call us) plus one Latina panda there in the back (Hna. Cardenas has a panda sweater on for the zoo haha)

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