Monday, May 9, 2016

Buen Día!

Alright...we'll get straight to the point. *drum roll* the news we've all been waiting forrrr....

So transfers came and went annnnd... I think we should scratch out the "Bahía Blanca" and put "Olavarria" cause I'm STILL HEEERE haha. Yep! I about dropped the phone when the AP's called on Saturday. I was 100% sure I was leaving. I didn't want to, then I convinced myself that it was ok, starting packing up a little bit Friday night preparing to leave.... then nothing. haha! I asked Elder Chicoma over and over if he was joking, but nope! 

So yes, I will be staying here in Olavarria until the end of eternit--... I mean the transfer ;) ha kidding. I was kind of ready for a change, but in the end I'm happy to stay longer to be able to help my investigators in their progression, AND I get to "kill" Elder Jackson, so that's cool. Last week was a bit of a hard week for Elder Jackson and I. I think with transfers approaching we both got down to the wire a bit with each other. Nothing bad, just a little on edge. Transfers came as a surprise to both of us though, but it was kind of a wake up call and we've had a great weekend coming to terms on what things we need to improve as a companionship. I really want him/us to have a successful and happy last transfer. There are some obvious changes we need to make and things to implement, but besides that I've just decided to sacrifice my pride and put him first (actually second cause Jesus takes 1st place) for these last 5 weeks. Wishhh me luck.

You may have noticed I said 5 weeks instead of 6. That's because Elder Jackson's flight leaves a week before transfers. Not sure what will happen with me at that point... solo missionary week?? ;) I wish, but probably not haha... updates to come.

Can't wait to talk with you guys on Sunday! 

Elder Jolley

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