Monday, May 23, 2016

Another great week in Olavarria.

Last week after the leadership conference (which was great) we came back and got busy with work! We had service on Wednesday and helped the Sanabria family (less actives) to cement the outside of their house. Never made cement before haha... we had a great time though. Good exercise too.

This week we haven't been able to find Karen at home which kind of has us worried. She won't answer her phone and we passed by so many times at different times of day but never found her. Hope she's doing well and hoping to make contact this week. Our other investigators have been a little bit flaky as well this week (except Damian and Mikaela)... so that was kind of a bummer.

We found some new investigators while contacting this last week though. They are TOTAL hippies. They have this weird yoga hut in their backyard with all kinds of plants and herbs all over and their house is covered in paintings of hindu gods and Buddha... so that's different! Ha we really have no idea what to teach sometimes cause they're so "Yes, God is everywhere and we have to establish the connection of energy within" and stuff so it's kinda weird. We did have one good lesson on Saturday about the restoration though. They were asking good questions and understood I think... so we'll see how it goes!

Today I'm leaving to Bahia (again... hmm) to finish up some documentation. I guess they are missing ONE signature from me to be able to get my I.D. so this will be a really productive trip :/ I was trying to get a chance to do divisions with the AP's while I was there to at least do something worth while, but I guess they're in Mar Del Plata right now so I will just be reading the Book of Mormon a lot or something haha. Yaaay.

Love you guys.  Have a great week!

Elder Jolley

Leadership conference in Bahía last week.

The following are the zone leaders dying this transfer (except me.. .I'm immortal :) )

(left to right): Elder Kropelniki, Elder Bosco, Elder Never-dead, Elder Caparroz, Elder Jackson-Babe (our nickname for him), Elder O-Rourke, Elder Swanson (Swan-dawg), and Elder Bowen.

 One more. Elder Chronister.

All great examples and influences to me. Sad to see them go, but excited to see the replacements to come!

This last week we spent quite a bit of time with Damian, his (not yet) wife Mikaela, and their daughter Alma. We've had a couple great lessons with them and had a lot of fun as well. 
 We made them pancakes and smoothies one morning cause they wanted to try a "real" American breakfast. I also made maple syrup and they fell in love. They just can't pronounce maple to save their lives haha.
We also went to a little event here in Olavarria with them that the city put on. They had tents with food from all around the world. Lots of fun. Also Alma their daughter was pretty shy at first, but this last week she really opened up and loves us now haha. She calls us her "amigos" and even knows my name now. She says "Hola Holly" haha. So cuuute! We walk around at the fair and she just keeps looking back from Damian's shoulder and yells "Holly!!" and I go "Qúe??" and she goes "... Hola Holly..." haha then sometimes she answers the phone when we call them it goes like this: "Hola? Holly?" > "Hola Alma!!" "... Hola Holly. Venite a mi casa." (Hi Holly... come to my house.) 
I love them so much. We also found out this last week that they're just barely not in our area... noooo! So in the next little bit we will be transitioning them over to the Hermanas. Such a bummer... but I'll be fine as long as they get the best opportunity possible to receive the gospel. They're so prepared and if they make the decision to act I know they have SO much potential.

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