Monday, May 30, 2016

Hey family!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Had a great day yesterday and I'm super excited for the year to come. 

 Hermana Bartholemew and Hermana Cardenas brought me a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a birthday note yesterday. Super nice. Also a phone call early in the morning of them both singing Happy Birthday in English. I also got a phone call from Elder Numbers in Bolivar, Elder Bosco and Elder Paleka (the APs, yesterday was Elder Bosco's birthday as well so we both just wished each other Happy Birthday haha), it was Elder Tannyhill's birthday as well so I called him Saturday night. Love my zone, and all my mission friends. Great people!

 So after church and lunch yesterday we went over to Damian and Mikaela's house because they were celebrating Alma's birthday and we wanted to stop bye. When we got there they surprised me with a cake as well! Soo nice... I love them so much. That was so cool of them to do. Anyway, so there were a ton of people there anyway for Alma and they all sang to me as well haha. 

 Theeeeen as we were about to leave, a clown got there! That was new for me haha... I didn't really like it haha. I was trying to get out the door, but Mikaela was like "You're not gonna stay for the clown?? just stay for a minute!" so I was like "uhhh ok." Anyway, so the clown was just playin with the kids and all was well... then Damian goes "Eh! It's his birthday too!" and then the clown came over and gave me candies and we took some photos haha.... ohh man I will never do that to my children. That's one to put in the books though haha.

Had quite the busy week and I wish I could give all the details. I will do my best though with the time I have.

So at the beginning of the week I went to Bahia to do the long-awaited "one signature" haha. Hermana Wilkonson and I got there about 10 on Monday night and I dropped her off in a taxi at some Hermanas house in Bahia, then went to the AP's house and slept in the quincha (extra barrak-type building out back) with a kid named Elder Coleman who is new. Then we had an early morning getting into downtown at about 5:30 and waiting until 8 for the government buildings to open and waiting in line. After signing the one paper and finishing all that up we went to the office and I spent the whole afternoon with the office because I was the only one going home that same day and all the other missionaries that were there went off to different areas to work while they finished documentation over the next few days. Anyways, this is really detailed so far, sorry. 
On the bus ride to Bahia I started a 30 day Book of Mormon challenge and got pretty far in that Tuesday while in the office. President came in later and the office took off for lunch. I had already eaten so I just sat in President's office with him and read the Book of Mormon while he worked. Eventually he asked me about what I was studying and that turned into a huge conversation about super cool deep doctrine concerning the plan of salvation and lots of other stuff. My brain left that conversation a little fried, haha, but I loved it. Then I went with President in his car to the mission home because my bus wasn't leaving until 9pm and I was going to join him, the AP's and a few of the office Elders for a family night with their investigators Ernesto and Ariel (the guys who came to fix our house a few weeks ago) and their families. We talked about the temple and the sealing covenant, and after the lesson ate cookies from Hermana Cifuentes and gave a few previews on her violin of some songs she was going to play at the wedding of Ernesto and his wife. Super cool. Then I left to catch my bus with Elder Killinger and Elder Tucker and went home.

The rest of the week was awesome. We had some great lessons with Sandra and her fam (the hippies), Zulma and her daughter Barbara, Damian and Mikaela, and we finally found KAREN! Yesss. Turns out her phone had broke and she was staying with her mom for a few days. Phew. 

Zulma and Barbara finally came to church yesterday and LOVED it. They were only going to stay for sacrament the first hour, then leave, but they loved it so much so they stayed for the full 3 hours.

This last week we had a lesson with our investigator Zulma and Soledad and David Soules from our ward came with us! I love them and having them and their testimonies there helped so much. I think without them Zulma probably wouldn't have come to church yesterday. Such a blessing to have such an awesome ward to help us.

Haydee and Raul came as well. That was probably my favorite birthday moment, to be able to see a few fruits of my labors and progress in people I leave. Karen was going to come, but didn't show up, not sure why but she doesn't have a phone for us to figure out. We also invited Damian and Mikaela, but they still struggle with the whole going to church thing... we're working on it. Sandra and her family want to come, but they went to Mar Del Plata yesterday. Next week will be better! 

Birthday gift from our investigator Haydee ("amen" high five lady).
We picked her up for church on Sunday and she invited me in real fast and gave me this! Also, she rape-kissed me on the cheek haha. She may be old, but she's fast! Super nice though, and I love how it's like a coffee themed mug... I just wanted to say "Ohh thanks so much! but we don't drink coffee remember?" I've actually wanted a cool mug for a while now so I love it.

I love the opportunities I am having right now and for the blessing of having a whole other year to serve my Lord and Savior. I'm so grateful for the people I serve and for the love I feel from them, from my family and friends back at home, and most of all from my Heavenly Father. I am very blessed.

Study your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, and have a great week :)

Elder Jolley

So for my bday I wanted to make some Chicken Massaman Curry like I always used to get at Thai Village. Yum! Also it requires fish sauce so that finally gave me an excuse to drain the fish sauce... double yum haha.

 Before (look at the cute wittle fishies)

 During (fishies don't smehw vewy good..)

P.S. our house smelled like these fish until the next day. Every time we walked in the house it was super strong and it reminded me of Grumpy Old Men where the guy keeps sayin "pew.... peeeww" in his car haha.


Chicken Massaman Curry with homemade Naan (soo good)

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