Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey all.

Last week of the transfer! super weird. 

So Elder Jackson died and we got him off last Thursday night. Right now I'm in a trio with Elder Tew and Elder Bennett for this last week. 

Nothing too exciting this week besides a leadership conference in Bahia tomorrow, then transfers at the end of the week. Yay! haha. I love this area and my zone but I'm ready for a change :)

Yesterday for church my mission leader (Elias Fuentes) came and picked me up to go to my ward. That was SUPER weird being at church without a companion, and I had to explain why about a million times cause all the members thought I had a runaway comp or something.."no he's just dead." haha. 

Going to the lesson for Damian and Micaela with the Hermanas (Bartholemew and Cardenas)

Anyway so I had 4 investigators there with me. woo hoo! Sandra, José, and Malena (the hippies) as well as Zulma. Zulma really liked it and stayed the whole time as usual. The hippies... left after sacramen,t not very pleased haha. I think Sandra went with the intention to find reasons why she doesn't like our church... and obviously she found them in our imperfect members.. "she didn't say hi and he wasn't listening to the talk and she pulled out her phone... yadayada... dumb." Then José opened up the Book of Mormon and just happened to read the verse where Nephi kills Laban with his own sword... HA! Not the best place to enter into the story. Obviously there was a reason behind it and it's not that he was a murderer or anything.. but José wouldn't listen to me and wasn't very happy about it. I think Malena loved it because she always loves the lessons and does the assignments we leave.. but José and Sandra are her parents so she didn't really have a choice to stay or not. Bummer.

That's pretty much it for my week. It's fun having transfers come and already knowing where you will be and who your companion is... and I'm happy about all of it. I will give you guys the details next week though. 

Happy Transfers :) packing isn't fun.

Elder Jolley

So Elder Jackson died (went home) this last Thursday. He left earlier than we thought and we had to get up at 2:30am to go catch his bus. We had a good last week of work and some great lessons. It was my goal to help him finish well and finish working and I feel like that happened so.. all is well :) He arrives in Oregon (his home) today at noon. R.I.P.

So here I am now, staying with these goons (Elder Tew and Elder Bennett) on the other side of the city in a trio! We call ourselves Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and let me tell ya we are on FIRE down here ;) Ha, but really we have been working hard walking between our TWO areas (almost the whole city) and have had a lot of lessons, all while havin a good time :) 

 Walking home from service this last week with Elder Bennett, we saw a sheep tied up by the river just chillin and eatin grass with no one else around... and I couldn't resist the temptation to get some selfies with a sheep! haha So we sat down and chilled with it for like 5 minutes and took some pics. He loves us and we named him Kyle :)

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