Monday, June 6, 2016

Alrriiiiight. Another quick email, so sorry. Also no pics...sorry again.

So this is Elder Jackson's last week. He leaves this Sunday for the good ol' US of A. "Byyyye buddy... hope you find your dad." Anyways so next p-day I have no idea where I'll be cause there will still be one more week in the transfer. Solo missionary?? Sounds good to me! ;) Just kidding.


Can't find Karen... we passed by her house SO many times before Thursday cause she said she was moving on Thursday. We think she was home a couple times too but she's ignoring us.. super sad. We hope and pray she's ok but I don't expect us to find her.

Damian and Micaela. This last week we passed them over to the Hermanas. The Hermanas joined us for a lesson with them and we talked about the Book of Mormon. We invited Damian to pray. He never has accepted the invitation to pray for us cause he always feels embarrassed about it and says "Naaaaah, next time, next time." But this time we talked it through with him and he prayed!!! It was super short and simple because right when he started the spirit was so strong. He got emotional and just thanked God for his family and that he was able to find a new job, then ended it. I was so proud of him. Like I've said before, they have so much potential and I love them so much. Sad to not teach them anymore, but Hermana Bartholemew and Cardenas are awesome so I'm not worried. Keep them in your prayers please.

Zulma and Barbara who came to church last week (not this week unfortunately) accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of July! woo!

Brenda and Jesús. We had a lesson with them yesterday. Not sure if I have told you guys about them but they have the cutest little family. Jesús is a funny guy but SUPER hard hearted towards churches, especially ours. His wife Brenda is so cool. She has gone to church once before (not when I was here) and really feels that this is all true and wants it for her family, but she won't/can't make a move without the support of Jesús. We gave them a Book of Mormon last night. Brenda loves to read so I'm sure she'll have the majority of it read by our next appointment haha. (I told her I was doing the 30 day challenge... that's hard for me haha but I don't think she was impressed. She reads like a novel a week haha). Please pray that Jesús's heart will be softened (you think with the name he has he would be a little bit more inclined towards this stuff haha... nnnnope).

We have more investigators but I don't have more time. next week :)

I am doing very well. As the transfer comes to a close and I get ready for a new transfer and changes, I have been fasting and praying a lot as I've been making the effort to improve and prepare myself to become the missionary/leader that I, President, the mission, and the Lord need me to be. I've always struggled to get results out of fasting, and yesterday I felt so low and almost forsaken for some reason during church. I know my life is really not bad and I don't have anything to really complain about, but for some reason I just felt awful and alone. I read a talk recently by Elder Holland called "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence." It talks about how Satan will always make a push at us before an important step or change in our lives. This calling I have is really important to me, and I have felt so strongly the push from the adversary. Ryan recently shared with me that callings in the Church are catalysts for priesthood holders in that they can become a stepping stone or a stumbling block to our progression based on our efforts. I'm working hard to make this next step in my mission a stepping stone for me. After I broke my fast yesterday and with an effective study in the Book of Mormon and an afternoon of hard work I have felt that weight be lifted off my shoulders. I know that comfort came as an answer to my prayers and fasting from the Lord. I'm always so amazed and grateful for the patience that the Lord has for us amidst our imperfections, and for the faithful blessings that are always sent as we sacrafice and move closer towards him. 

Ok I gotta go haha, but I wanna share one more thing I found in my studies. So as I mentioned I am doing the 30 day Book of Mormon challenge (I got a bit behind, but don't worry, I'll catch up), and I was reading in Jacob 5. Verses 65 and 66 really stood out to me. I have a really hard time being patient with myself as I expect perfection, but I loved in these verses how the "Lord of the vineyard" doesn't want the bad taken out right away, otherwise the good would not grow properly. Instead he prunes and clears out the bad according to the growth of the good so one day we can bare good fruits. That was a really good insight and comfort to me. It's hard to thank Him for trials and weaknesses but I know that I have them because He can see my potential and He has a plan specifically tailored for me so that I can reach that potential.

I love you all. I KNOW this church is true and am SO SO grateful for the gospel and especially the Book of Mormon right now with this 30 Day Challenge. It just brings a fluidness and light into your life even when things are hard. 

Onward, Ever Onward :)

Elder Jolley

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