Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Charity Day (improved missionary version of Valentine's)

Few highlights:

- Carlos was not baptized last Friday because he had some kind of medical problem relating to an internal blood clot as a result of all the medication they were giving him for his cancer.... nice job doctors (satan doctors). Ha kidding, but anyway after a priesthood blessing, a few warming visits, and prayers, Carlos is now out of the hospital and doing better. Baby steps... but I think this week he will be physically well enough to have the baptismal interview done and we will soon get the baptism performed. He's really excited and was super bummed and apologetic (what a guy) for not being able to last week. We really love him and are excited that he is improving.

- My companion Elder Valle is currently in Mar Del Plata due to some minor complications and will be there until transfers (two weeks). I am currently with my SECOND son Elder Goeckritz! He got here last Tuesday and has been working with us this past week, and since Sunday with just me. He reminds me of my first companion Elder Arnold. Super workable and chill... low maintenance let's say. Kinda quiet, but when he says stuff it's hilarious. It's hard cause I now have to take on assistant and zone leader responsibilities on my own, PLUS train on top of it... so I feel bad cause I can't give him all the attention I would like to... luckily it's only two more weeks then he'll have a trainer that can give 100% to him.... never thought adoption would be an option... but desperate times ;) kidding.

- We have a new Senior Couple in our mission! Not sure if I mentioned that last week, but their names are Elder and Sister Allen. Great people, from Murray Utah I think. I welcomed them at the airport and the first thing they both said is "Hey we read your blog!" haha so there ya go mom... fans! ;) Also Sister Allen is from England so I have a British accent around me quite frequently. I love it, haha, and if I spend a lot of time around her it starts to rub off... "Can you believe such rubbish??" 

This last week after a few opportunities to help other missionaries make some improvements through something we do called "the list", as well as helping investigators to make changes in their lives, I've just had my mind a lot on the subject of repentance. I love repentance and the blessing we have to always apply the atonement in our lives whenever we seek it humbly. I testify of that blessing and opportunity that is always available to us and I know that it works. "Repentance is not the back up plan... it is THE plan."

Elder Jolley

p.s. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Andraya. Love you Draya.

Pics with Elder Christensen (tie exchange at the leadership conference last week + photobomb from Sis Bartholomew). Also, Elder Christensen is going to be a zone leader! Makes me proud. Also, he bought the same backpack that I have cause his dad is a fachero.

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