Monday, February 20, 2017

So I know I say I have low time a lot, but today I literally have no time.

QUICK update.

- Carlos was off the face of the map in the hospital last week, then from the point of death he got up fine on Sunday and came to CHURCH! Champion. We're working this week to get the interview done so he can get baptized. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming please.

- We keep having random blessing people pop up around here. I think my hijo Elder Goeckeritz is good luck. We had ANOTHER small family show up this Sunday in addition to the surprise couple that came last week (who we were also able to meet with last week. The dude said he didn't have church clothes and felt bad so I gave him like a full church outfit last week and yesterday he showed up in sweats again. Whhaaaat?? haha I laughed and asked him what happened and he said "I don't have nice shoes... that would look tacky.." Haha you can't please them all I guess.

- Elder Goeckritz is doing well. I think I've asked him almost every question possible just to create conversation or make him laugh... it's a challenge, but I'm slowly starting to crack him! Plus, we are going hard on language study and he's come a long way for the little time he's been here. Kid was practically born assistant... he's gonna be up to par in no time.

Love you all. Have a great week!
Elder Jolley

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